Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas is love in action. It is also the day when dad treats everybody chocolate pralines “for the birthday of my very good friend Christ.” The dark sacred night that has gathered the entire family around the table every year to celebrate the loveliest season. The time has come of decorated cities and forests heavy with snow. The time has come to celebrate the Birth of the Lord!

The Christmas Tree

The happiest of decorations  – the Christmas tree is an irreplaceable part of the holiday celebration and along with Santa, it is now a holiday icon. The fir tree has been used as decoration for the winter festival for thousands of years. In their Saturnalia feasts, the Romans decorated trees, but this wasn’t a regular part of the custom until the Middle Ages and it is believed to have originated in Germany. Germans decorated their trees with treats such as gold-covered apples and gingerbread.

There is a legend that when Christ was born all the animals gained the power to speak, all the trees  blossomed and bore fruit, even though it was the midst of winter, except for a humble fir tree which was embarrassed, until the Lord  made it sparkle like no tree ever did before, and it became the symbol of divine compassion.

The Christmas Star

The Star of Bethlehem on the top of the Christmas tree is first mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew and it is absolutely Christian in origin – this was the star that the Wise Men saw when Christ was born. The stars we see in the sky are the same ones people used to see two thousand years ago. The star is placed on the top of the Christmas tree, together with a figurine of the Archangel Gabriel, who came to announce the Birth of Christ.

The Christmas Wreath

Lush and full silk pine boughs, rusty small sleigh bells, berry clusters, tin snowflakes, and pine cones all of the ornaments for the perfect Christmas wreath, carefully handcrafted by the loving housewife and the children – a whimsical holiday treasure. The wreath has got its roots in several religions and cultures. In Rome, the wreath was a symbol of victory. It has got a circle shape – which represents eternity. Evergreen is a symbol of eternal life. By hanging a wreath on the front door, you invite Christ to come into your home.

The Mistletoe

This century-old tradition comes from the ancient Druids. They believed mistletoe has got mystical powers to bring good luck and chase the mean spirits away. In Norse Mythology it was a sign of love and friendship. Name “mistletoe” comes from the Anglo-Saxon words “mistel” (meaning dung) and “tan” (meaning twig), so basically it translates as “a poo on a stick.” How very romantic! By the way it is poisonous in large quantities, even though it is perceived as a symbol of fertility and life. Its most important quality was to preserve the home from mean spells and it can help you connect with the dead.

Christmas Candles and Christmas Lights

Sometimes Jesus is called “The Light of the World” by Christians. Therefore everywhere in cities and homes, lights are used for his birthday’s celebration. In 1880 Thomas Edison was guilty of placing some of his new electric light bulbs around his office. In 1903 only the very wealthy could afford Christmas lights. Today you can buy online handmade Christmas candles with different scent and sweetness that will fill your home with great holiday aroma. They combine different notes, fir, and pine fragrance and are infused with natural essential oils such as orange, cinnamon, vetiver, clove, and pine. In the midst of winter, their soft light reminds us of the spring season.

Christmas  Spirit

Christmas isn’t Christmas without family. It’s the time when you are most nostalgic for family…the time for presents and gathering in the warmth and coziness of your home. There’s a feeling that you belong, and with the upcoming New Year’s Eve, there is this feeling of restart all of us need on a regular basis. It is time for promises and celebration, and souls sparkling with merriness and love.

Getting Visual

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