A Witch’s Natural Magic for Your Kitchen

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Witch Types

What kind of a witch are you? Let me help you tag yourself.

The belief system of witches includes a kind of its own traditions and initiation processes. A Kitchen Witch loves food, warm colors in the interior and her Grimoire is like a cookbook. She loves her home and cooking meals is her favorite pastime. A Fae Witch likes to connect with plenty of deities and supernatural characters like fairies and is one with nature. A Green Witch is in love with animals, walks barefoot under the rain, and keeps a lot of plants in her house. A Dark Witch is ominous, very smart and very weird; she practices a lot of divinations and uses a lot of crystals. A Celestial Witch likes star gazing and is as humane as an Aquarius; she loves the art of astrology. A Sea Witch lives at the beach, she loves swimming, works with water and sea deities, and most of the times she is as fun and intriguing as they come.

In ancient times the crones, hags, and witches were the leaders, the sages, the healers in their community. The crone (the crowned one), the hag (the holy one) and the witch (the wise one) had their images distorted with time.

By her kitchen behavior, it is very easy to spot a witch. She feasts gratefully, energizes food with good thoughts, invokes blessings of Goddess on the food, offers thanks and likes to share. Love goes into every dish.


You can recognize a witch’s kitchen by the herbs hanging from the ceiling and the rustic comfort.

The roaring, glowing fireplace and the black cauldron,

the broom and the mirrors,

and a little black cat are all basic adornments of a witch’s kitchen. You can also equip yourself with two mugs on which it is written:


Light a white candle when you want to make a divination, to purify yourself and your surroundings, to heal from soul wounds. The pink candle brings about love, friendship, and devotion. Purple is the color of the practitioner and it promises power, high spirit, and wisdom. Red means lust, strength, and courage, green is for luck, wealth and fertility. Light a blue candle to evoke tranquility, health and patience and the yellow candle will provide you with comfort, confidence, and joy.


Witches are into engraved spoons big time. Wood is their natural material and they are good for mixing thick concoctions. They sometimes dedicate the spoons to certain deities, spirits or powers, using symbolism – a sun for Sunna, a moon for Mani, a heart with an amber teardrop for Freya, and a goose with a basket and broom for Mother Hulda.

Teas and Coffee

Do you want herbal magic and green witchcraft into your day? Make some tea. Choose it wisely. The black teas are the teas of the winter season and they bring excitement, courage, and financial fortune. English breakfast tea gives warmth, happiness, and courage, while the Irish breakfast tea is a concoction of energy, strength, and willpower. Earl Grey is known as the best tea for attracting money and fortune. Chai comes with love, prosperity, happiness, and healing. White teas are the teas of spring and the sun; they enhance spiritual connection and psychic energy. Green teas are the teas of summer, we know about their powers of health, longevity, love, and passion. Sencha gives you prosperity and mental strength. Matcha is for love, passion, and lust. Jasmine is not only an aphrodisiac – it also comes with spiritual love and energy. The teas of autumn – the oolong teas are known to inspire love, reflection, serenity, and balance.

Herbal teas also have varying magickal properties. Chamomile boosts love, healing and reduces stress. Peppermint helps you with sleep, prophetic dreams and to clean negative energy. The lemon-ginger tea means openness, cleansing, and adventure, dandelion root is all about divinations, wishes and calling spirits, fennel gives you a sense of destination, and grants your wishes, hibiscus comes with love lust and dreams, Echinacea is the money-maker tea.

Herbs and Spices

Witches use brews so that they may manipulate things and events to go in the upward direction. Brews are seasoned with spices and herb such as basil, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, dill, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, rosemary, sage, thyme, and turmeric. Each of these herbs has got culinary uses as well as medicinal benefits for your health.


Being a pagan means to love nature, to respect karma, and to blossom with wisdom. After cleansing of the space, follows a blessing. It offers protection and warding off thieves. During the blessing, you can use a small plate of salt, incense, a red candle and a bowl of water. Move around your house deosil (clockwise), sprinkle salt and water into the corners and visualize blessings from all the elements: air, fire, earth, and water – respectively knowledge, courage, prosperity and love. With water and salt negativity is cleansed.



Witches follow the rule of harming none. They sweep the house with a broom to banish mean energy. They walk the witch’s way.


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