Bedroom Eccentricities

There are thousands of vintage, hand-made and unique accessories for your bedroom that are a bit off-beat, outstanding and peculiar,  but you know you need them when you see them.

A perfect decoration for your new bedroom is the wall-clock. This clock is original and so designed that it will make your family feel special and relaxed. It looks like an accessory for a tea party and it will remind you at all times of Alice in Wonderland and the fact that the best people are completely bonkers.

There are necessary additions to your king size bed. You can’t go wrong with a creative pillow, these things invite atmosphere into your bedroom. Pick a design you are excited about. Very popular are the pillows with messages of love. Fresh and original are “the sleeping pillows” especially proper for a sleeping beautiful lady.


This chandelier is a celebration of Thomas Edison’s discovery. Whenever we experience failure or our efforts don’t provide results we get motivated by Thomas Edison’s attitude. When asked how he feels after having failed ten thousand times during the discovery of the electric bulb, he replies: “I haven’t failed. I just found 10,000 things that don’t work!” This chandelier will probably not work for your bedroom, but hey, it rocks!

Every respectable lady dreams of a boudoir in her bedroom. It’s heaven for her female vanity. Of course, the mirror is essential. Of course the most important is the image in the mirror. And a princess needs at least three mirrors to feel royally.

Bedding sets come with all kinds of patterns, lovely, original and plain weird and it is hard to pick the weirdest of all. Some of them are plain black with the inscription Chanel; some of them depict pink unicorns for the believers in unicorns, or lotus flowers, even kissing skulls…and it’s hard to pick the most startling of all. Since I am a fan of Paris – this is what I chose to be representative of my eccentric bedroom.

Or you may wake up in late 18th century Vienna:

Nowadays, at the cost of thirty dollars, you can turn your wedding photography into a custom, led, art, night lamp.

Dream catchers come from Native American cultures; they include sacred items such as beads and feathers and are hung in your bedroom for protection. They are hand-made and very original.

A board of visions is a must have in your bedroom, so that you may set your eyes on your dreams first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Nowadays, digital devices offer a lot of option for this scrapbook project on your wall. It’s visualizing your dreams in order to help them to manifest in your life.

At all times, you must have in your bedroom a glass jar full of dried roses, to sprinkle on your bed and welcome your loved one home from a long trip. It will boost your mutual cravings and blast romance in the relationship.


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