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Everything matters in Feng Shui. It is about organizing your environment to enhance your lifestyle. Contrary to what the skeptics believe – it is not a superstitious thing that doesn’t work- it is empowering and it gives you the chance to play with the interior and actually see results of your work. Your bedroom is a place, which has to make you feel happy and nourished. A good Feng Shui bedroom has got a relaxing and sensual look and feel – this contributes to better health and more fulfilling relationships – more joy in life and feeling of being cared for. It’s a place that invites you, lures you in, excites you and calms you at the same time. You feel pleasure when you spend time in it.

Let’s Talk of Colors, for Color is Light

In the bedroom, you can’t go wrong with the blue shades. Especially the blue-greens – those turquoise nuances, so refreshing and tranquil, which represent new beginnings and inspire confidence, especially combined with white furniture and golden accents.

To achieve the balance you should strive to use soothing colors. Feng Shui masters claim that best bedroom colors are all skin tones – from porcelain to deep rich chocolate.

More Feng Shui Tips

Your bed is a piece of furniture, which has got the most intimate connection to your personal energy – it can support you or weaken you. To create the balance you can place nightstands on both sides of the bed. Choose beautiful fabrics that give you pleasure and comfort, nourish your sense of touch. Traditional Chinese masters claim that the bed aligned with the door resembles a coffin that is taken away feet-first. If your bed is aligned with the door – that will exhaust your energy every night. That happens if when you lie down, your feet are pointing at a door. You can remedy this effect if you place a piece of furniture between the bed and the door.

Take away from the bedroom your TV, PC and exercise equipment  – minimize electronic objects – they have no place in your space of balance and divine rest.

Open the windows every morning to keep your space fresh. You need good air in your bedroom. Clean your windows to attract prosperity.

Your bedroom needs a personal scent. From soothing lavender to sensual ylang-ylang there are plenty of delightful options to choose from.

Remove any causes of discord from your bedroom. No Clutter! Seriously, your bedroom has to be neat and tidy at all times. It is your safe heaven, the lovemaking place. So let go of the things you don’t need. Get rid of clutter and enjoy success.

Natural light is an important nutrient for your body and is considered also a cure in alternative medicine. Best lighting for the bedroom are candles with their soft and warm glow. Absolute favorites are the Himalayan salt lamps with their soothing and toning energy. They also purify the air.

Plants and nature automatically bring fresh air, peace, positivity and serenity, they reduce anxiety and stress, one of the right plants for the bedroom is Peace Lily – a special touch to your interior design.

There are plenty of ways to bring creative energy into your bedroom, including: bells and wind chimes, mirrors, wish-boxes, and art objects.

Art is a great energy boost. Original fine art, paintings, sculptures, handmade items, painted fabric, curtains, photographs, maps and posters, handmade collages emit their wonderful energy from the bedroom walls.

Anything stored under the bed contributes to blocked energy in your bedroom and may be affecting you on a subconscious level while you are sleeping. Keep the space under your bed completely open. For the fairy-tale inclined: bury a treasure under the bed. A small, red coffer full of golden coins can make for a positive shift in your financial state.

The number one Feng Shui principle applies to your bedroom as well: “Live with what you love!” Ask yourself: do you love that thing? Ask the favorite question of psychologists: “How does that make you feel?” Motivated, dazzled, mesmerized? Does your family respond favorably to it or not? Put genuine love and care in your bedroom and you will receive everything back.


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