A Crush on Carey Mahoney from Police Academy

This retro classic comedy created 2 years after I was born (1984) can keep you glued to the sofa eating breakfast or snack in your pajamas on plenty of weekends. That lovely, catchy melody and the opening lines are incredibly familiar to me – I am used to humming along.

So what’s the main conflict? One day, a newly elected Mayor changes the practices of the police – there will no longer be restrictions for hiring new force. That means gender, height, weight, strength will not be an issue if your dream is to become a police officer. Anyone can become an officer – ANYONE – people dumb, and fat, sassy women with very silent voices and small, chubby men, black leather jacket womanizers, people of all walks of life, “incompetent misfits” as nuts as they come.

Yes! Even this small, amicable lady.

To say that the police authority really dislikes that will be an understatement. That’s the main conflict. They are forced to have officers who are not the right size, the right color, and the right gender. Those who are not appropriate must be encouraged to quit.

It’s a brilliant movie, packed with comic surprises. You are going to fall in love in the fourth minute when Carey Mahoney(starring Chris Guttenberg) who works at a parking lot, has to park the car of an idiot who is actually swearing at him for no good reason. Mahoney is happy to discover that the guy is definitely wearing a wig. He explains to the owner of the parking lot what’s going on, after which the fat old man orders: “Mahoney, park this car,” even though there is no place on the parking lot. And this is how Mahoney parks the car.

And this is how you fall in love with him!

Well, it’s a felony. What’s his punishment? Mahoney is forced by his uncle, a police officer to enroll in the Police Academy – because he hopes that there the eternal prankster will become disciplined. From that moment on – Mahoney has but one agenda – to piss the academy authority as much as he can, so that they fire him from the Police Academy.

Well, Mahoney does.

All the time!

And we love him for that!

He wants out! But then there’s one undeniably good thing about the Academy – the lovely Karen (starring Kim Cattrall) who eventually steals Mahoney’s heart.

There are lines in this movie, I will never forget. People who watched it found it hilarious and original. Still funny after 30 years it will always elate your mood.

Police Academy. What an institution!




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  1. Omg I have a crush on him tooo since the first time I watched it with my step dad and my siblings when I was 12 he’s just so..idk 😍😅😎😏

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