How To Lead A Woman In A Dance?

To dance with a good partner is a revelation of a sort – a happiest activity – for you float in his arms as if you have wings and your mood is close to enlightenment. A good dancer can make the woman in his arms delirious with joy. The great dance is practical magic. But what makes a man a brilliant dancer?

He leads the woman.

He is somehow able to predict where I want to step and just takes me there. He uses his intuition to guide me. His every movement is caused by the music, which gives him delight… music unites us in its immaculate rhythm and we both felt joy bordering rapture. It is a very pure dance, very sublime. I surprise myself with every step, it is just like both he and I know where exactly I have to step next and it’s an almost mathematical decision, a brilliant solution performed with great precision and at the same time so free and liberating. A great dancer sometimes needs very minimalistic movements. His body sends little waves of affection through my body, in full connection with the music and subjugates my own movements and frees my impulse for expression. It is like a joyful conversation about the song, where everyone is free to express himself and the same movement can be repeated thousands of times, each time in an absolutely unique way… a quintessence of freedom… The dance is two flowing energies in love with the music that unites them.

He leads the woman.

Mediocre dancers perform figures. Great dancers lead the woman. The dance figures are sort of spiritual crutches. In order for a man to dance, he must learn to lead. Contrary to the popular belief to lead the woman does not consist in transporting her through the figure that comes to mind, independently of her horror. Leading means to inspire the woman, to empower her, to delight in her expression and interpretation of the song. If you do not lead the woman – she feels fated to perform the figures, which is not in its essence real dancing, but a form of torture. To lead the woman means to inspire her and fulfill her wishes. When the woman is familiar with the movement, she feels graceful, which means elevated. She enjoys her own dance manner, she feels talented, calm and secure.

Dancing with a great partner is like leaving a quality chocolate bonbon to melt on your tongue. It is a life-changing experience, very sensual and non-sexual in nature. The connection between the two is in the head, not between the legs. However, some people with lower energy levels experience vexation in the lower chakras. If you respect yourself and your partner – you will not fall in the stupid situation of being excited by the proximity of your bodies. However, dance is a very connecting activity, and a good dancer can do it with practically anyone. How? The only way to dance with someone who is lower than your energy level is to dance with compassion. Compassion saves us from the irritation that we are sexually disturbed by another human being. So, do not be insulted from your fellow if you receive unwanted intimacy during the dance – he or she just doesn’t know the good tone in dancing. A good dancer is known by the touch…


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