My Love Life When He Doesn’t Suspect That I Love Him

Women are dreamy creatures. Men are more rational. Women can be very vulnerable. Men don’t suspect. There is a huge, huge chance that a woman can be in love like a school girl with somebody, who hasn’t got the slightest idea that her world revolves around him. Better. If he knew, maybe that’s a reason to despise her. But I advocate feelings flourishing in the tender hearts of the dames. In fact, I claim that a woman can have a perfect relationship with somebody into her head, a relationship fulfilling and enchanting, full of drama, passion and insatiate desires.

It’s like a little Tamagotchi in your head. You constantly feed it hopes and thoughts. The whole world revolves around it, and it is always hungry, always willing for more attention, more and more attention – so it’s sort of an addicted Tamagotchi. But it is entirely under your wardship, and you treat it well – it’s part of your soul – and it pleases you well, by serving you irrationally great heaps of delight and enjoyment. For when you are focused on someone, you appreciate life in a different way. You may wait in a queue for two hours, but when you are in love – hours fleet like seconds – you are blessed.

Oh, the things you can do. You may celebrate his birthday with your pet turtle and two glasses of white wine. You may jump out of the bus if you see someone resembling himself on the bus stop. You may stroll the same boulevard for several hours if there is a slight chance of meeting him. You may cry for two days that you have seen him with another girl. If you hang out with him, you let him pick the place, the hour and the dessert. You may invent “a spiritual kiss” for the times when you are apart, of course, nobody knows, just you two. You may try to express your feelings with a joke and have improbably steamy conversations with him, even if you have never seen him. You may ask him out to drink red wine and share a slice of pizza… and raise your ankle in the air to show off your new shoes. Speaking of shoes, when you have to dance with him, you don’t really need shoes. No shoes are high enough when you think of him. You might begin to cry if you haven’t seen him for two months. He might become your inspiration. You will never forget the way he sings…his magical timbre caresses your inner ear. You are smitten off your feet the day you meet and you are ready to make love to him for an eternity. His hug is the safest haven, his touch is the craved destination, he is so much into you! You want to be his queen, his consort and his right hand.

See, how much of the relationship can develop without his direct intervention. It’s not what he does, but what you are ready to do for him that keeps the spark alive and brimming. You are ready to gift your entire world to him… if he would only look at you. But even if he doesn’t! You are ready! You are impassionate! You are a living, crying, loving, longing spark. You are more than yourself, you have transcended yourself, you now belong to a higher power. Should he be brought to the truth?


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