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Bedroom Eccentricities

There are thousands of vintage, hand-made and unique accessories for your bedroom that are a bit off-beat, outstanding and peculiar, …

natural magic
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A Witch’s Natural Magic for Your Kitchen

Witch Types What kind of a witch are you? Let me help you tag yourself. The belief system of witches…

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Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Everything matters in Feng Shui. It is about organizing your environment to enhance your lifestyle. Contrary to what the skeptics…

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Great Sex Cannot Follow A Recipe

Have you ever tried a good intense movie scene at home? Have you tried to fry your eggs on her…

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A Crush on Carey Mahoney from Police Academy

This retro classic comedy created 2 years after I was born (1984) can keep you glued to the sofa eating…

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How To Lead A Woman In A Dance?

To dance with a good partner is a revelation of a sort – a happiest activity – for you float…

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My Love Life When He Doesn’t Suspect That I Love Him

Women are dreamy creatures. Men are more rational. Women can be very vulnerable. Men don’t suspect. There is a huge,…

is he perfection
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I Am In Love With A Film Star – But Is He Perfection?

Imagine you have a crush on someone you have met…on the TV Screen. You love his pretty eyes, his alluring…