Why Do Women Like Older Men?

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Should age matter when it comes to love? Yes, men like wine get better with time. I am conducting research about Hollywood couples with a great age difference, and all of them without exception look extremely happy!  The most scandalous couple of all seems to be…

Woody Allen And His Wife

Obviously, Allen is married to his ex-girlfriend’s daughter – his wife Soon-Yi is roughly 35 years younger than him. That is too peculiar, but Woody says there is no down-side to his marriage. Soon-Yi came to the USA to be adopted without a birth certificate, so no one really knows how old she is. Vanity Fair reported that Mia Farrow, her mother and Woody’s ex-lover discovered nude photos of Soon-Yi at Allen’s home and this is how she found out about their relationship.  Here’s what Soon-Yi has got to say about it:

“I’m not a retarded little underage flower who was raped, molested and spoiled by some evil stepfather–not by a long shot. I’m a psychology major at college who fell for a man who happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Mia. I admit it’s offbeat, but let’s not get hysterical.”

Facts are their relationship has been thriving for 23 years and after she said “yes” Soon-Yi really began to look more glamorous – his love raised her to greatness. But how?

Older Men Treat Women Better

They appreciate your faithful heart…Generally, they are very confident and well-mannered, and extremely polite.

It’s also well-known that they please women better. Life with a grown man can be an eternal honeymoon. Women testify that sex with an older partner is in general more satisfying to them than intercourse with someone their age. Mature men are simply more experienced – they have a better understanding of the female body and its erogenous zones.

A younger man seeks to realize his sexual urge and strives for a performance. Good luck, trying to explain to him what foreplay is all about. A grown-up man loves to give the woman ways to express herself sensually. If you want to star in bed, you should lie with a mature man. He has made so many other women happy! He knows what you want and he is going to give it to you. In a much more romantic way than a young man who is still showing off with his love conquests.

Older Men Emit Stability

You feel more secure on his lap. An older man knows what he wants. Life has taught him well. A younger man is the beauty in your relationship. He still believes the world rolls in ecstasy at his feet. An older man is clever, supportive and generous of attention – he is less insecure. Chances are he will be savvy in both cooking and nourishing your soul as well – he eats healthy and he takes you to the opera. His talents are developed. If you manage to find an older man, who still likes to party – he’s considered a great catch.

Older men are more forgiving. They know your relationship is not perfect. They are familiar with the things that can go wrong, in this way they are capable of fixing them. When something is broken – they mend it, they do not throw it away. They smoke on their pipe and they kiss you and it’s getting better immediately.

They will have make-up sex with you, and silly sex with you, and sex for health with you, and ecstatic, and tantric, and delirious lovemaking. They do not take it too seriously that is why they perform wildly.

Infantile Men Compared To Grown-Up Men

Younger men pout more. They are more prone to looking down on your feelings and taking them for granted. They are in the age when they still experiment with women and don’t have much respect for a lady. Young men are generally shallower when it comes to courting and love.  Older men are somewhere beyond the drama: cozy home, good food, lovely people and magical sex is what they are after.

The real magic of sex does not belong only to the midst of the intercourse. Dining out, making out in public places, candles, breakfast in bed – all the ways to make sex even sexier – older people are champions at them.

Innocence and Experience

Funny thing is the older they get the more childish they are in their ways – because they get in the age when they delight in fairy tales again. They can be shy and introvert as kids. They are an entire universe to discover.  They have sophisticated taste and speak softly. They are genuine and lovable. Their wisdom is inspiring – and yes – they are the great problem-solvers women simply love! Let’s face it – they have higher standards in any aspect.

Old Men Directly Declare Their Feelings

A mature man will directly address you and announce that “You are in love with me!” You can’t even think of denying – he is so self-confident and so original, and so convincing. He will give you delight in the way he treats other ladies as well – with incredible respect and fairness. Chances are he is well-traveled, very experienced with food and wine, and if he is still in love at this age, it means he has the heart of a bon vivant and he is perfection to you!

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