No Matter How Terrible My Day Is These Ten Things Can Always Make Me Feel Better

All of us pass through those “blue” moments when life is at its worst. We have to snap out somehow…and here’s what my “guardian angels” have taught me about getting back in the mood. Since, if you are not in the mood – you can’t help anybody. All these are “cheap” ways to relax, which involve you and your best people.

Taking it easy

My favorite song goes: “the world runs, but we, we are going to take it easy.” I live in the most relaxed town on Earth – Plovdiv. The city is always steeped in its most peaceful ambiance and lures the traveler to rest and enjoy. Most of the time, I am angelically calm and that makes me find a way out of incredibly straining situations. One who takes it easy can always save himself by sheltering inside his soul, which provides calmness and security.

A cup of tea

I have spent the worst moments of my life with a cup of tea prepared by my mother. It’s my ritual for regaining control of my destiny, calming down, soothing myself. So when things go terribly wrong – a warm cup of tea served by Mom has always been my last wish…Usually, after the first and the last sip, I feel much better.


This is a rare and profound activity, which I value and cherish very much. It requires a deep commitment in your heart and involves looks, touch, and splendid sounds. A fond kiss – and you are back in the game! Fondness, however, has to be mutual.


It’s always good to say: “Look, today, I did this!” All creative outlets are supremely good for the soul: writing, painting, dancing, pottering – anything that involves your hands and your beautiful mind in a pleasant and productive activity. I have heard people say: “Everything that is not creative is boring.” Creativity is a great way to focus on something entirely positive and delightful.


I can spend the entire time listening to and meditating on music, vividly daydreaming is one of my best-beloved activities. Singing along is recommended. Make a playlist of your guilty black pleasures (great raps) and listen to it… invite friends over to torture them with your selection.

Encouraging Others

When you feel worst, one of the best things you can do is caring for somebody else’s mood – it alleviates yours immediately. Trying to make people happy has a special place in our hearts – so when you feel bad – that’s the best moment for charity.


Something you have never seen before. Something healthy and spicy, with turmeric and curry, or a cake with chocolate and almonds. Cook something that will make you proud for weeks after, serve all your family, see some happy faces, spread some love and joy…think of Grandma’s cookies and the ginger man – yes there is magic in the kitchen.

A Heart To Heart

Take your best friend and go to a café, eat cake with coffee and tell them everything, spill your emotions and watch how they will always find a way out for you. Besties give the best advice in matters of the heart.

Educate yourself.

Pick a course and watch it in the course of a couple of days. It’s never late to improve yourself and your brilliant mind. You can always become better in all aspects – so broaden your interests and become a richer person instead of whining over spilled milk. It could be a documentary or an Adobe Illustrator training – something that will warm your heart, or open doors for you in the future.

Arrange your personal files

The arranging of files gives you so many creative ideas. You can take the most brilliant of them and make a list, and turn them into long-term projects. Or you can use the list next time when you feel down…just don’t let yourself be too depressed. You deserve much more from life!


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