Let’s Do It – Ella Fitzgerald

Birds do it, bees do it,
even educated fleas do it!
Let’s do it! Let’s fall in Love!

Ella Fitzgerald

Falling in love is the easy part. Then you will have to bear it – the absolute inconvenience. You are unable to take your eyes off his form, your panties are on fire, no heels are high enough when you think of him, you are floating in the orbit of the world without cosmonaut attire…You are beyond happy for no good reason, you are walking the sunny boulevards smiling to yourself. You wake up with one word on your mind – his name…You spend your entire day in wishful thinking.

But there are good reasons that Ella insists of falling in love. Very obvious and trivial reasons: the human heart craves for love, it’s the vibration of the universe. Each of us is equipped with a love focus – that means you can grace a person with your concentrated romantic attention, and by bestowing your light and love upon this person, you elevate him to greatness. That feels so good that both of you are positive it has to last forever, that is also the cause of jealousy – for you never want somebody else to fall in the focus of the person you love. Being in love feels so good, really.

Being in love has got but one inconvenience that is called “falling out of love.”

That never happened to me. But there are multitudes of people who get disappointed in the relationships for the following  reasons:

They are perfectionists.

Nothing is perfect, not even your relationship. You are together, not because it is perfect, but because you love each other. Besides, I like to call perfectionism a sort of respectable vanity. Instead of being a perfectionist – embrace the uniqueness of every moment and of every soul. He is not perfect, but he is divine. He staggers in a sweet way, he loves his old T-shirt too much, or he can’t sing, but he is still gorgeous, if you look at him, you see light.

They have lost their trust.

For people that aren’t wise – losing trust is irreversible. For most couples that’s a deal-breaker. When you betray your partner, it’s hard for him to put his love focus on you. But regaining trust is something that can be worked upon, along with forgiveness – and passing through this will better your relationship.


If you set your expectations way too high, chances are your important other will have a hard time climbing the pedestal you have placed him upon. It is really scary to fall from this high and unstable place. So accept the person as he is, with flaws and everything. People are not perfect, moments are.

Now that we have foreseen what can go wrong, so that we may fix it – Let’s do it! Let’s fall in love!


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