What If You See Him With Someone Else

There is someone else?

Before you die from jealousy, here are a few things you need to know:

If he has got a romantic interest in you it is pretty plausible that he will gravitate around you together with his female entourage – for he wants to provoke you and to tease you. It goes without saying, his behavior emanates the following mindset: “Look at me, this lady is into me, therefore I am a great catch…” Men do it, ladies do it, as the song goes:“even educated fleas do it.” When you are enamored, you are screaming for attention the entire time – and you are ready to do even a headstand to attract your love interest.

If you are not overly possessive, you may for certain enjoy the view. Have in mind that all people are unique and the relations between them are even more exclusive. Have in mind that people are irreplaceable. Do you really love the person so much, that you want to confine him from meeting all other people? Every person connects with you on a different plane of your soul, every new meeting enriches your emotional intelligence dramatically. Yes, you may be enamored with two people at the same time and there are humans in the world who advocate such relationships.

Jealousy is the green-eyed monster, never accept advice from monsters. It can lead to no good. In fact, the healthy attitude is that in this very moment, this other person is righter for your Beloved. Your Beloved is happy, and that’s what matters. If you manage to feel for his heart’s choice in the Biblical sense of caring for the neighbor, you might even befriend his woman. That will make you feel even better, if you see them often together.

If there are true feelings involved in the affair, I do not call it infidelity, or lack of moral. True love needs to be encouraged at all times. What’s better than kisses and caresses, and people who genuinely care for each other? They make the world a better place. Thumbs up for Love! That’s the secret of a confident, blessed woman.

If you are still dying from jealousy here’s what to do:

Never turn and walk away!

Return the gesture, but with a genuine smile – not the malice of love declined. Pick a friend, dance with him and look as if you are having so much fun together. Shower everybody else with attention, and do it deliberately in front of him…If everybody likes you, your chances with this person grow significantly. Also, do tell him a graphic sensual fantasy with somebody else. That drives men insane.

Make yourself hard to get…from Mark Twain we know that “in order to make a man or a boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to obtain.” So stop calling him and do not take the initiative, unless, well if you have to…

Do not look like you are dying from boredom without him. Get a life! Smile often and really have fun – it drives people nuts. Happy people are sexy people. He has to realize you don’t need him to complete you – you are a whole person already. That makes you damn attractive.

Do not let yourself be humiliated. But how? Treat the attempts for humiliation on the other party, as if it is impossible to affect you in any way. After all, if he is trying to humiliate you it means probably he is jealous on his own turn – that’s what they do – they try to belittle you, before they understand there is no life or death without you. Have in mind that if his attitude exudes: “coldness or anger, even disdain, or hate” – he is probably heavily enamored, and being hurt is trying to hurt you in his own turn. When somebody is hurt – here’s how you fix him: you raise their self-confidence big time. Show him that you trust in him. That’s it – trust is the best locksmith.

Do not pretend you are not jealous. Men believe it means you care about them. Spill everything, but again with an affectionate smile. Find a way to tell him he’s breaking your heart – he should know he is important to you.

Show him some devotion and sentiment, everybody likes being adored, men’s hearts are made of ice-cream, they melt from the right temperature.

Do not run with your tail between your legs. You have done nothing wrong. Emanate self-confidence and the necessary amount of affection.

Impress the man. Do things differently. Send him a love note, unexpectedly. Confess you like him in a unique way. Enchant him with honest surprises. Speak with everyone about him, and be certain your friends will reveal your true heart’s desire. Make sure he will not be able to find anywhere else what you can give to him.


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