An Affair With A Colleague Discussed by Tsaneva And Lady F

Tsaneva, please present yourself to my mostly female and very romantic audience?

Hello, audience, I’m Tsvetelina and I am magical.

We all believe in that, but still, what’s magical about you? Spill your secret?

It’s a secret for me as well, I don’t know how I do it. Well, shortly, I enjoy living, create poetry, dance my soul away every Friday night and behind all that there is an entire universe of feelings, worries, thoughts…

Let’s start with the worries. What has been worrying you recently?

My job… I am new at my working place and have a loooot to learn. Sometimes it’s too hard to handle and it brings me to tears. Also, I have some troubles at home, but every family has its stuff… nothing too bad here.

Well, is your job a place for affairs?


I heard there were some affairs before my time there, so it’s not new in the place…I have my own story there.

Tell us about it, vixen!

It started kind of like a friendship. There is this cute coworker… I made the mistake of categorizing him as a “safety pin”.  He laughed really hard about this label.

What’s safety pin about him?

He changes his appeal from Zero to Hero in a blink! Sometimes he looks compliant and quiet and then he turns into a real Leo (his zodiac sign). When I met him, he looked just a nice ordinary boy. Maybe I woke up the lion…

And why has he set your panties on fire?

It’s his eyes. He comes to me and just stares at me. No words, no moves… he just stays there and indulges in watching me. That makes me feel beautiful and special. Extraordinary…

You mean he spends his work time looking at you, kid?

Very often…He wastes my time as well because I have to stop working, while I am enjoying being watched.

So how did you captivate him to such an extent?

Magic may be… I smile a lot. Almost all the time. He said he likes my smile.

How do you give sparks to the opposite sex?

Smiles, smiles, smiles… That’s my non-secret weapon

Yes, smiles are free, you should give them away.

But I am sure you have secret weapons?

I found out that men like happy women. Lately, I have been feeling happy about myself and I guess that’s being liked by men. I don’t do anything special; I just am the best I want to be.

Yes, you need to be happy in order to be able to assist people, and people love being taken care of. So what else does he do to show that he is hot and heavy for you?

Oh, he speaks to me. He says that I am pretty, smart, with a sculpted body. He says that I am wonderful and magical. I make him drive me home sometimes and he sings for me in the car, holds my hand…He treats me as if I am something really precious.

How does being in love reflect on your daily life?

It makes me happy. I know we can’t have a real relationship so I just delight in his company and attention. And I give him my best. Only the best of what I am. In the middle of the busy, busy and rough working day it’s really a miracle to have someone to make you smile.

But don’t you put on two different socks in the morning? Or salt in your coffee?

No. I am trying to be perfect for him. That means to put the exact quantity of sugar. In coffee and in life…

Trying for perfection? Doesn’t it ruin a lot of relationships?

Maybe if you have one. People say that the magic is wonderful only from afar. When you get too close and realize the truth behind the trick, it’s not wonderful anymore. It is the same with love. I want to quote one of my favorite poets. He says it all:

Don’t let me so close to you,
When you want me to be in love.
Being far from you is hard, it’s true,
But being close will waste us, dove.
If you want me to be yours – stay away.
What’s far is actually the precious.
A dream would fall and it will break,
If you deprive it of its essence.
Even a work of Rembrandt, a Madonna,
Looks ugly when it’s closely viewed.
And the whole genius and talent
Is in her grace faraway and unrevealed.

Very nice, I think I have summed it up in one of my books as well: I woo the princess, because she is a lady, and the ladies are made to resist while someone woos them. Until she resists, she will be the lady of my heart – he admitted humanely.


Sweet! But isn’t resistance the hardest thing in the world?

I refuse to resist. I give in to the passion with all my heart. I hate playing games with love.

Do you think you know what you want? What are your chances of being disappointed in a relationship? That’s a slippery question… (keep balance.)

Maybe I have some doubts about what I really want. I want a fairytale and I know it is not something realistic. So I am often disappointed in some way.

Why is a fairy tale not possible?

It’s because real life is hard. We all have problems, everyday stuff and it’s so hard to be wonderful and nice all the time.

It is not only hard but if it happened, trust me it would be a total nuisance. We are so blessed to have flaws.


What are you ready to do to get him?

I am going to be faithful, only his. I will make pancakes for him. Real love is in the small things: Pancakes, morning blowjobs, hahaha…

I can’t really put that word in my blog, haha.

Feel free to replace it.

How would you feel if he hugged you for five minutes?

I feel tense. If it’s real if he is going to let me go or to grab and kiss me… I would be full. That means full of love, passion, and pleasure.

Define passion. What does it do to you?

It’s like a magnet and I just can’t help it but give in. A power stronger than me.

Some of your daydreams and fantasies?

Oh, fantasies…Sometimes I dream of holding hands and lovely looks and sometimes I dream of complete fusion – to be one body and soul with someone.

Someone… So general…

Well this special someone. I want him all for myself.

You want him for yourself… is there another?

Yes, there is another woman. Or women…I don’t know. He has got a girlfriend and there are rumours that he is a real Don Juan.

Is that a turn-off, or a turn on – him being a womanizer?

Turn-off. I want to feel the only one, the special one. I am a Scorpio. We love possessing and belonging.

But is it a deal-breaker?

Maybe not completely. Maybe I am too in love already for this to matter.

Describe being in love?

To me, it is a need to make someone feel good. Also, a need for his attention. It combines the complete egoist and complete altruist in me.

Wonderfully worded!

If he reads this, what do you want to tell him right now?

He better not read it. I want him to read my eyes and body, not my words.

What’s wrong with words?

Nothing, I just want to send him the ultimate message. I believe body language is better for the aim.

Okay, and how do your coworkers react to your amorous affair?

Some make jokes, some like it and some are jealous…

Do you recommend falling in love with your colleague?

Yeah, I would.

Since you are a salsa dancer, and they finish every good dance in “a position” position yourself with the last words in the interview:

Make love, not work!


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  1. Some of my friends have been doing it all wrong…

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