Taking It Easy In Plovdiv

“The world runs, but we, we are going to take it easy…”

Taking it easy is an emblematic expression for Plovdiv. It describes the majestic vibe of this old town…where everything seems to be relishing in slow motion.  People on the main street take their time chilling, here and there old pals gather to talk over a coffee or ice-cream. Dancers move slowly and deliberately, stealing the eyes. Taking it easy is not simply a philosophy here – it is widespread practice – the preserved brand of life in Plovdiv and its air of elegant lightness.

People in Plovdiv don’t stress too much about anything. They breathe easily and live to please their souls. But what is the secret to taking things easy?

Don’t ask for anything

Be pleased with life as it comes. Love yourself and others just as they are. When in church, emit prayers of gratitude. Be content with your job, your life, yourself. Either like the life, you live or live the life you like.

Laugh at yourself

Do not take yourself too seriously. Always look on the bright side of life. Drink for love and laughter, and happiness ever after. Always finding a reason to laugh and often at themselves – people in Plovdiv are of the kindest breed.

Listen with interest.

Pay attention to your messmates. People in Plovdiv gather usually around a table – to play chess, or eat pizza, or just have a hot cup of coffee in the middle of the town, where everybody walks to and fro, in the speed of a slow song. People love flocking in places and people-watching, dove-feeding, dog-walking and other relaxing activities that make them happy and pleased.

Rarely complain

Do not go around bitching about stuff. Don’t worry – be happy. Listen to the street musicians, look at the bright blue sky, bathe yourself in the singing fountains…live a little! Walk up the green lovely hills, and have a beer and entertain yourself with the nice view. All seasons here are nice – varying from warm sunshine and firebugs at night to pinching cold and delightful snowflakes.

Inspire others

Which is why our city is sizzling with culture, and people flock to the theater salons, in galleries, at concerts and festivals. Plovdiv is a city of aspiring and complete artists, cultural events and constant celebrations. If you need inspiration – walk about the old city with the National Revival houses and you will see the culture of the olden days, preserved for the future generations.

Nobody says it’s easy to take it easy. But people of Plovdiv have turned it into a form of art. They really know how to enjoy life.


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