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Turyal Azam Khan

Turyal Azam Khan is a writer, blogger, and a cultural journalist. Most of the time, he is just a laid back, easy-going person. He doesn’t party a lot. He feels more comfortable in a calm environment but that doesn’t mean he is boring, we prefer the term “unique.” The most surprising thing about Turyal – he is an author, who refuses to comment on all kinds of subjects he genuinely loves.  

What makes you a brilliant writer?

I wouldn’t call myself brilliant or a writer even. I just like to jot down things I feel strongly about and connect them together. The term brilliant, I leave it reserved for those who see my work whether in a positive or a negative manner.

So your readers are most important to you?  Not self-expression, nor glory – but the readers? Where are you trying to take them in your works?

I believe self-expression and my readers go hand in hand. I like to express myself but I don’t want to force my opinion on someone. I want people to see that they’re in an environment where there is room for a lot of ideas and they can form their own interpretations.

Glory has never been something on my radar but even a little acknowledgment can make a person happy. I don’t write for glory, I just write.

As for where I’m trying to take my reader into my work: Nowhere actually because even though most of my writing comes under the category of nonfiction, I want the people who read my works to relate with them. It doesn’t matter how or why they would do it because ultimately it is up to them.

So what do you write about – what are your themes and why do they appeal to you?

Although my writing isn’t limited to one particular genre, I really love to write about lifestyle and culture.

I grew up watching a lot of movies, TV shows and listening to songs and I used to write lengthy critical paragraphs on them either on forums, Facebook or on websites like IMDB. One day I decided that maybe I should start writing such content for publications because as long as my comments were for a Facebook comment, they did fit the word limit for many publications.

You basically criticized the shows? And that’s how a writer was born?

Well I wouldn’t say criticized them in a negative manner, although there were certain shows which I didn’t like and some I did like so I praised them as well so I just gave my opinion on them and my friends used to wait for my opinion before they would watch a TV show or a movie so I guess that’s right.

So far so good. Now we are getting into trouble: 

I see you curated shows for your good fellows. Give me some snippets of your culture?

Well, hahaha, yes!

I can’t give you snippets of it because the real potential of any culture is fully unleashed when you research about it or better yet actually visit those places.

So you have nothing to say about your country to someone who…regularly sees snow, but has got no wild elephants and white tigers?

It’s not that I have nothing to say but it’s something that cannot be expressed in words easily, experiencing it yourself will do it justice.

So you are a perfectionist. Do you recommend this lifestyle to everyone 😉

I don’t claim to be a perfectionist, but I believe working hard takes you a long way. I would just suggest that work hard, it ultimately pays off.

Well, you write about culture…yet do not wish to speak with me about it at all;) Why so?

Because it’s not that easy to define it in words here, experiencing it is the only way and if I were to define it in words I might need several separate interviews due to its exoticism.

Give the readers a treat…!

Okay, this reminds me of a story at the times when the PCs still worked with floppy disks – do you remember?

I do remember but I was really young back then.

So in that period an old woman entered an Internet Provider office and said to the gentleman there: “Would you please care to upload some Internet on my floppy disk?”

Isn’t it the same with culture and “give me some snippets of it;)”

Hahaha, I like that analogy, you can interpret it that way if you want to.

What’s the best thing about your writings…time to boast?

Detailed and yet simple and to the point.

Your attitude to the women species

Hahaha, well I guess I try my best to be nice to everyone regardless of gender or anything.

Great! What’s the best thing in your life?

My friends and family.

Your attitude to romance?

Hahaha, well I don’t know honestly but I really love the idea of being with someone. I don’t know when, why or how that will become a reality but it would feel good.

Your Sun Sign?


I thought so. Sincerely:) haha

Hahaha, that’s smartly accurate.

“There’s hardly one so earthly, steady, patient and ambitious. You are simply the best marriage material!”

Wow, thank you I don’t know what to say honestly!

Are you disciplined and willful?

I’m disciplined but not willful. I like to have my own way because most of us do but I don’t tend to act upon if others don’t like a certain idea, I prefer democracy over stubbornness.

What else do you enjoy?;)

I  love watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, going out and spending time with friends and family.

If I came to visit your country where would you take me? 

Well, I would say I will surprise you!

With what? 

Haha, it will be a surprise, when you come!

This place?

As Turyal still keeps on insisting on surprising me – I will end this interview with this word that best describes human curiosity and the freshness we crave after:


Getting Visual

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