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D Breeze

I love losing myself in books, reveling in sarcasm, and making people blush. If I’m not at the bar, handing out shots to complete strangers, you can usually find me hunched over my laptop at four in the morning, still trying to piece together the lines of fantasy vs. reality. Failing that, I’ll be curled up in a corner, rocking back and forth and cursing over the characters arguing in my mind!

D Breeze

Her name is Danielle, but most people call her ‘Dee’. She writes under the names ‘D Breeze’ ‘A Morgan’ and ‘Lara Brees’. She covers genres from YA fiction, contemporary romance, M/M romance and psychological thrillers.

Who is D Breeze?

Freelance writer. Editor. Mother of two. Fiancé. Hard-worker.

Born and raised in Coventry, UK.

Just a city-girl turned country, who lives for the angst and lives of her characters.

A filthy-minded dreamer. A fantasist, with a penchant for writing stories to push your boundaries.

So, Danielle, you wanted to speak of Romance and Soul Mates..what makes you so romance-savvy?:)

Ha! I wouldn’t call myself ‘romance-savvy!’ But of course, I do write romance for a living, and I always try and keep my books more ‘reality’ over ‘fantasy’. Everyone dreams of their prince in shining armor riding in to save the day and sweep them off their feet. But real-life is very rarely like that, and I like to keep things real. I pay attention to the way people move, their actions over their words, and create stories that people can actually relate to.

On a personal level though, I have been in a long-distance relationship for a long time, and when it comes to soul mates, I whole-heartedly believe that there is one person out there who is ‘made’ for you. Maybe you’ll never meet them and you can still be blissfully happy with someone who isn’t your soul mate, but he’s still out there.

If you are romantic you will suffer. Have you suffered a lot from love?

Oh, I totally disagree. We’re all guilty of focusing on the negatives in life; we forget to appreciate the positives.

Even if you get your heart broken at some point (and it will happen, whether you’re 16 or 60, you’ll feel it at some point) you can either let that pain break you, or you can take it as a lesson and make personal progress from it.

I’ve had my heart broken, but I wouldn’t say I suffered because of it. If anything, I appreciate the lesson it gave me and learned from it. Love and romance aren’t linked to pain or suffering. It’s the after-effects of losing it that can affect people. But the decision lies with the individual. Use that to make you stronger, or forever have love tainted with the memories of heartbreak?

You have a point! Love always makes us stronger and better people…independently if we go out from the relationship in one piece, or not…

What’s the most romantic thing that ever happened to one of your heroines? Please, quote:

I would say the most romantic that ever happened to one of my heroines was in Just Listen. The male lead in the story suffers from depression, and he’s losing his battle by the day. But a tragic event takes place that makes him hide his internal war for a while and do something beautiful for the heroine.

He takes a picture that was drawn by a child she worked with and creates a painted canvas of it. A gift she can keep forever, so she never forgets.

“Placing my brush down and standing back with my hands on my hips, I realize that I always intended to give it to Devin. Yes, because I’m proud of her, and yes because she’s the strongest woman I’ve ever met. But it’s more than that. It’s a reminder that even in the ugliest of times, there is always something beautiful. I never want her to have to search for that beauty. She’s surrounded by it. Her family, her friends, her life. She’s right at the center of all that majestic bliss.”

That’s spiritual, as well as romantic;)
I see you are a multitasker. Do you recommend that way of living?


The way I see it, doing nothing is a waste of time. Even if my favorite show is on the tv, I’ve still got my laptop with me and I could be making notes for books or doing a read through of an edit I need to start for a client. Spend your time wisely.

No one ever reached the top of the mountain by standing still.

Most intelligent people claim to be sapiosexual, how about yourself?

100%. But intelligence can be attractive in many ways. Someone doesn’t have to be academically intelligent for me to find them attractive. They could be an artist who is passionate about colors or different mediums. As long as they have a passion in which they show intelligence about their subject, then yes I would be considered sapiosexual.

Could you describe the ideally attractive man?

Yes and no! All of the partners I’ve ever had have been entirely different to the last one! I really don’t have a ‘type’ that I would consider attractive.

For me, ‘attractive’ comes in the form of being able to mentally challenge me. Of course, I have to find them physically appealing, but that attraction will grow with their personality rather than their looks.

My ‘ideal’ man, has a slightly sick but hilarious sense of humor, is passionate about things that are important to him, knows when to take life seriously and when to relax, and respects my independence as much as he wants to cherish me.

For definite though, I couldn’t find someone attractive if they’re over muscly, or spend more time loving their own reflection than loving me!

So Narcissus would have a hard time winning your heart.

Narcissus wouldn’t stand a chance!

What is the true, faithful, eternal love?

I guess for me, true love is when you stop looking for perfection. It is knowing that people make mistakes and accepting them anyway. It’s waking up in the morning whether it’s the first time you’ve spent the night together, or 20 years down the line and still being grateful that they’re in your life.

It’s looking at your best friend and knowing that they always have a hand in making you the person you are.

It’s looking at your children and knowing with all your heart and soul that you would walk through fire and battle entire armies just to save them from heartache or pain.

True love takes on many forms, but in relationships, it always loves someone because of their flaws, rather than in spite of them.

Entering the soul of a man is an art, remaining there is a masterpiece. How do you intend to remain in the hearts of your readers?

There’s really only one way to answer that question and it’s by staying true to myself.
If you try and please everyone, you’ll end up letting more people down as well as yourself.
I stay true to my work and as close to reality as I can, and I hope people will always appreciate that. 

How do you feel as we are speaking?

Hmm, hard to answer! I feel proud and accomplished because I’m always working towards my goals. And I’m happy that, although life is never easy, I still feel like every day is progress and that makes it worth it. And it’s nice to see what creative things you can come up with and I’m hoping readers can relate to some of the answers I give!

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