Writing As Therapy Discussed By Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi

Say hello to Mark Antony Rossi! He is not an eccedentesiast. He shares his pain. Moreover, he believes that’s the way to recover from it! 

Mark Antony Rossi is a combat military veteran USAF and a decent family man. He has been writing for 34 years and he has written twelve books. He promotes using writing as a therapy in order to get more veterans to confront their issues and adjust back to regular life before they hurt themselves or others. Mark Antony Rossi will revolutionalize self-awareness through writing. 

What’s the most hurtful thing that happened to you?

Watching my father slowly die of cancer. He rejected chemo to retain a quality of life.

Did writing help you to completely recover?

Yes. Completely. And it helps others too.

Describe yourself now, and your quality of life – I liked that expression.
Your father was a wise man!

I married and had children much later in life so I have a different life than most men my age. I’m 53 with two small boys. The time before marriage was about traveling, writing and doing what I wanted to do in the arts before starting a family.

I see pictures of a beautiful family… would you like to share a cherished moment with your children and wife?

I was there for each birth in the operating room. It’s a moving experience to see new life before your eyes. And know you created it with a wonderful partner who has to alter her body and health to make it happen.

Did you hold her hand?

No. Both procedures were C sections and that is not allowed.

How exactly did you discover that writing can help you overcome pain?

Confession truly is good for the soul but many shy away from it, believing that the presence of other is embarrassing or they risk judgment. So writing down your thoughts and feelings produces that same confessional effect without the obstacle. Plus it’s a good record to come back to and reflect or add-on.

So this is how writing brings relief – through sharing?

You should expose the turmoil from within so that you can grabble it from without. Like a poison the longer it stays inside the more damage occurs. This post Trauma is not only for combat vets but for rape survivors, victims of deadly storms and accidents too.

Can it heal broken heart as well?:)

No. Broken heart is often temporary and should be felt as a life lesson to go forward. It can be a learning tool for what is better for your life by making better choices.

Aren’t you afraid to explore your painful states through writing?

No. It’s my duty as a husband and father to stay healthy and it’s a focal point for my writing as an artist.

Have you cried during writing?

Probably but I’d usually call it “sweating”. Ha.

Hahaha:) like in the book “In Desert and Wilderness” by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Stas is asking Nelly: Why are you crying?
She replies: I don’t cry, only my eyes sweat…

Yeah, confession is good but not very convenient…

Give me a sentence or a paragraph that made you “sweat”

My father lies shivering in the bathtub. Immersed in freezing water his temperature did not decrease. I questioned his stand against chemo if this is the way he should die. Shivering like a small animal in a snowy forest. But I remembered it was about his dignity and choice; not my own. I held his hand and he told me a baseball story. I knew the end was near.

You were in a dark place. So how did writing that help you feel better? Did you realize something? Or you just needed to sort of relieve yourself from the happening?

Yes taking back control is key to managing stress, grief and the pain of trauma until you do so — the pain is in control of you.

How exactly do you take control back?

By facing the trauma head-on. It doesn’t go away but your fear does. This is at the heart of trauma people escape to drugs, alcohol, abuse, and suicide. They are running away when they need to be running toward the damage.

How about your readers? Are they important at all? Is their reaction important?

Depends on what I am presenting. If it’s nonfiction –  how you begin to treat trauma – then yes. Their buy into it is essential for its success in their lives. When it’s a fiction piece or a poem or a play not everyone is going to connect.

Which makes you feel more realized – your poems and fiction or your non-fiction?

If someone engages in all the forms of writing like I do you must compartmentalize to allow it to make sense. When I write art I feel like an artist and seeking to craft something artistic means you bend the truth to serve a large framework. Nonfiction needs absolute truth to have an impact on yours and others lives.

Mark Antony Rossi has written twelve books, but three are his favorite:

1. Writing as Therapy: Tools to Treat Trauma

It is a nonfiction book on how to use writing to overcome trauma. I provide real writing and explain how it helped in various scenarios. 

In 2018, mental health issues remain a social stigma. Folks suffer with no one to share their private anguish. Toll free numbers are not going to fix this epidemic of silence and suicide. You don’t need to be an expert to love your family member or stay with a friend overnight. It’s not hard to imagine people killing themselves partly because it appears no one close to them cares. Please care. Showing them your heart might make the difference between life and death.

2. Corrupt City of My Heart: Selected Fiction 1984 – 2018

It is a collection of selected short fictions from his writing life. 

There is no freedom at night. Any power you feel is the temporary relief of being draped in darkness. Freedom only exists in the light when all is exposed. If you are hiding—you are not free.

3. Walkabout: Thoughts on the Human Condition

Walkabout is a nonfiction book that examines the human condition and ways we can learn to be better people.

“Technology for all its convenience may just conveniently extinguish humanity. By fussing over artificial intelligence we are setting the stage for digital dictatorship. The lesson is timelessly repeated: do for yourself. Don’t look for shortcuts. In all areas of life, this leads to ruin and may eventually make robots our masters.”

Great. Do you have success stories from your fans?

I do volunteer work with military veterans. Yes. But it’s private…What I want to do next is to encourage self-defense courses to include writing therapy for rape victims. It’s not enough to teach a woman to defend herself against future rape if she still doesn’t have the tools to tackle the past rape.

What does a rape victim need to do to balance herself?

Guilt is the foundation of most violence-related trauma. She needs to forgive herself for “allowing” the rape to take place and understand the violent act was forced on her by a demented person. By confronting this painful truth the victim becomes stronger and then eventually becomes a rape survivor and not a victim anymore.

Thank you, that was enlightening!

How about shame?

Shame is really only present when you believe others will react poorly to your situation. But by taking action to confront the evil. Learn ways to defend yourself. A rape survivor can be a force of good in the world by speaking out about the experience and treatment. The shame is gone with the first woman who comes forward to open up and get help.

We all know it’s hard to open up, but that’s what writing does to all of us! Well done! I hope you will become very famous and help a lot of people.

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