Diana Manusterian And Lady F Discussing “Owning Of Pets”

diana manusterian

I see myself as a wild one, like the sea, you can’t tame that, and the rising sun is like a warrior – no matter how many times it goes down it always comes back up again, as strong and beautiful as the last time.

Diana Manusterian

Diana Manusterian is Romanian and she is currently studying textile engineering. She really enjoys it, but her true passion is writing which is why I found Diana in the FB group Writers Helping Writers. She also plays the guitar and writes her own songs, but she has never uploaded them online. Until now! 

All I consume come in a bottle or a can
And I get bitter every now and again
But at least I know the eye color
Of the people I once loved
And still, I know you can’t plan love
Yeah, I know some of us are cheap
But some still have the guts.
I know a lot of things,
That’s why I know I ain’t right,
But let’s face it: how many of us
Wouldn’t want to be wrong
When losing all hope at night?

In Romania they have a small town called Manastur – she believes that’s where her family name comes from. What makes her fond of writing, she really can’t tell. It just makes her happy in a way nothing else ever could. She writes poetry, songs, but currently, she is working on a novel that she wants to publish until the end of this year.

There is one thing I wrote when I was 12 that I am proud of – it’s a piece of dialogue:

“Is that the right thing to do?”

“Right and wrong are opinions.”

Very cool and philosophical.

Thank you.

The phrase “owning a pet” fills me with tenderness. How does it make you feel?

I couldn’t agree more.

What makes animals so special to you?

They are pure. They won’t “fake” feelings. For them, you really mean the world, and they love you, sometimes, sadly, even more than we are able to love them.

That’s a touching way to put it!

Yeah, this is a subject I am sensitive about.

I could tell. Do you train your animals to behave like people?

Could you elaborate?

For instance – don’t jump on the table, don’t bark when I have visitors… do you bring them up?

Well, of course! Otherwise, my house would be a mess, wouldn’t it?

Yes, it would! Do you celebrate their birthdays?

I don’t do that, I guess I am trying my best to make them as happy as they make me every day of the year.

That’s wonderful. Could you provide me with a picture of your dog and cat?

She is Dolly

Lovable! She looks so full of affection, so well cared for!

Thank you, she’s a sweetheart

And…this is Mitzi.

He looks opinionated.

He’s a lady’s man.

Have you ever seen him woo a lady cat?

No, I think he is pretty private. But I see him leave to meet the ladies.

Haha…hilarious…What are their best qualities?

Well, if I’d have to choose. For Mitzi, it would be that he is a careful cat if that makes any sense. He actually took care of 4 newborn cats after their mother (his sister) died.


I know, right?

Yeah, he is noble and gracious.

Sometimes, sometimes he’s a revengeful ass. But that what makes him so special. Oh and for Dolly, I guess it’s her weird way of showing her affection. Honestly, she is new to the family, so I still have to get to know her.

How does Mitzi avenge? How does Dolly show her affection?

Well, for Mitzi, it depends. He is very original. Once he peed in my beer because I pat his sister instead of him. I couldn’t even get mad, because it was so funny. And Dolly brings me stuff. She is in the learning-to-play-ball phase, and when I am mad at her, she brings me all kinds of stuff: my key, my shoe, anything she can grab.

How do they behave with each other?

They still don’t get along very well, Dolly keeps barking at the cat and that scares him.

Oh, she is probably insecure, since she is new.

Yeah, or she’s just mean. But Mitzi is an understanding cat.

How do they react to music?

Mitzi does not mind it, but Dolly is a real fan of the classic rock.

Do you have a man in your life? A family?

I live with both my parents, but I am single at the moment.

Do you think animals can compensate with their love for the lack of relationship?

I think those are two different kinds of love, so no. Maybe it can help with loneliness, but a pet’s company is not the same as the partner’s.

What do you have to say to our readers, who do not own pets?

Well, if one is able to take care of a pet and doesn’t – they are missing out on a great joy. But if one is not sure they can take care of an animal – don’t bother stealing the pet’s right to a loving owner.

Kudos to Diana for a lovely talk on animals. Here’s one more of her brilliant songs:

I’m on a ride uphill, and my car is giving up
The sun is fading, but the stars mean good luck
I got a cigarette and a trunk full of worry
And I’m all alone cause I suck at sayin’ “sorry”
But it’s alright, cause if I don’t reach the peak
I can at least get high, get on my own two feet.
Lost in the dark now, but I’ll start a fire
I get so cold and tired hey kid, on the ride
Uphill won’t you lend a hand?
Hey kid, on the ride uphill
Why would you walk this land?
The fire won’t start, but cars are passing by
Can’t scream for help, so I whisper goodbye
Hey kid on the ride uphill, Why did you let us die?




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