Smart Is The New Sexy

Why are smart women so appealing?

Well, they are eloquent, virtuous and stylish, aware of their uniqueness and they know a woman needs only a smile to be pretty. Besides – they are men savvy and they know how to brownnose the heroes. A smart woman is the one who will always let her man excel in smartness, while she is generously showering him with her appreciation. Smart women have at least one good reason to feel good about themselves…smartness can get them anywhere. If you apply your smartness to the way you behave around people, the way you dress and talk, and smoke on your pipe, the way you give him the eye – you become not simply sexy – you become enchanting.

What Kind of Problems You May Have With Smart Women

We know it is wonderful to be intelligent, but smartness does come with issues.

Smart women often do the talking. Chances are you wouldn’t be able to insert a word in the conversation. Well – act like a true man and pay attention to what the lady has to say, and then compliment her nicely for her observations. You will hit her soft spot.

Smart women tend to be too adult – in the sense that they are usually perfectionists and over-critical in nature. They despise themselves if they are not up to their own expectations. They tend to judge you the entire time as well…they live with this criticizing monster inside their head – but all of it can go away – with the kiss of true love!

All of us know that Bridget Jones is a smart lady – but at the same time, she is incredibly capable of looking stupid on various occasions. Well, at least she is prone to adventures and is not terribly afraid to look silly. In fact, that’s a part of her charm.

Who is the smartest woman in history?

Yes! Cleopatra. She was ranked smartest woman of all times. She spoke fluently Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Egyptian and Persian. Her name means “she who comes from a glorious father.” She claimed to be the Egyptian Goddess Isis. She was not classically beautiful. But she was so smart – that she was “brilliant to look upon and to listen to, with the power to subjugate everyone, even a love-sated man already past his prime.” Plutarch wrote that: “her beauty was in itself neither altogether incomparable nor such as to strike those who saw her.” But he described her as irresistible and enchanting – with “sweetness in the tones of her voice.” She was too clever and too alluring to lead a war against Julius Caesar – instead, she charmed him and took advantage of him on the same night they met.

What’s the secret to smartness?

You know all these women who care about looks only. Yes, we all meet them every day – these women and their sparkling shoes, and their fancy clothes, and their cocky noses, and their lack of brains…  The ladies who tend to look fabulous until they open their mouths? Deeply insecure, following the trends, they believe that as much as they resemble Barbie – as fabulous and irresistible they will be.

The secret to smartness is being yourself to the core, loving and accepting yourself as you are – and trying to do things that please your soul well. Work on developing the qualities of your soul, as they are the most attractive to the other sex. I don’t speak about head-smart but about being heart-smart – which is necessary so that you may be on the right path in life. For a smart person is characterized by sympathy and compassion and a rare appreciation of the moment – a special wisdom and warmness of the heart.

For a smart girl is capable of overcoming the problems with refinement. She can most easily pick her clothes, or select the perfect, romantic present for you. She is able to express herself in beautiful words. She can impress you with the tale of her life like Scheherazade. A smart woman is positive about herself and others.  She is caring, open, and knows what to say. She never insults others even if she excels them. She does not ignore or humiliate them and turns everybody into her adorers. Her superpower is serving the world and she does it with grace.


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