A Hindu Man from Kerala And Lady F Discussing Ladies, Polyamory and Marriages


Pradeep: Emotions of Ladies?

Well, that is a difficult subject for me 🙂

I think ladies have very complex emotions…

Lady F: The emotions of ladies are difficult subjects for any man. Pradeep is a man from Kerala, India, who is also an artist, married man, and a chemist. When he speaks of Kerala, India – honey spills from his mouth. I asked Pradeep why do ladies have complex emotions?

Pradeep: I know a girl, of age 22-23, she loved a Man of 50 and at the same time she loved a youngster of her same age. She was attached to the old man very much, behaving as if she is his wife!

She even wanted a baby from him!

But after a few months, she ran away with the youngster, married him and now living with him.

Lady F: That’s really a fascinating story. A girl with two love interests…obviously conscious that she wants to have multiple relationships, but is that supposed to happen where you live? What do you think of this girl? Do you accept her, or are you prejudiced?

Pradeep: I happened to talk to the three.

She says she still loves the old man.

And still, she wants a baby from him…

I was very, very confused!

Lady F: Complicated. Polygamy was prevalent in ancient India – practiced mainly by rich castes: merchants, warriors, and feudal lords. But it’s the first time I hear such case of a woman in India.

Is she a woman of easy virtue?


She claims, she loves her hubby so much.

She is the mother of his child too.

That young man knew nothing about her affair!

Lady F:

But how does that make you feel?

Do you think she had the right to do this?

Pradeep: I don’t think so.

I can’t blame her.

I analyzed her family background.

Her family background is not so comfortable.

I think one has the right to choose her/his love.

No discrimination should be there, between men and women in such things.

Lady F:

But what happens if you are in love with two people?

Pradeep: That’s so complicated. I hope you can understand it better than me, being a woman 🙂

Lady F:

I am a Gemini woman;)

Pradeep: Haha…

Lady F: But I want a man’s opinion.

Pradeep: As a man who believes, women have equal rights with men, my opinion is she has the right to love as many people as she can, provided, her love is sincere.

Lady F

Thank you!:)

Do men in India have the right to marry more than one woman?


Formerly, yes. Now it is not legal now.

In Kerala, women to men sex ratio are more than one. It is 1023:1000

That’s one of the big differences between Kerala and other parts of India.

In Kerala, women had more power than men. They have all the family assets attached to them. If you read the book I mentioned, you will be astonished to see these things

And it was common in Kerala (not now), a woman having more than one husband. (Usually, brothers have one wife in common).

My grandmother had two husbands, I remember. She was the all-powerful 🙂

Even according to out Epic Mahabharata, the five brothers, Pandavas, had a common wife, Panchali.

Lady F: Very interesting… Now we delved into Hindu religion. Tell me more?


In ancient Kerala, the family assets don’t go to the child, they will go to the nephew, instead.

The boy had to marry his uncle’s or aunt’s daughter. So the assets will remain with the family.

And the girl will have all the power on them

Facts stranger than fiction 🙂

Lady F: You are talking of a kind of matriarchy in Kerala?


Yes, there was. Not now… In that book Ivory Throne Chronicles, he describes that the king (not the king exactly – the husband of the queen -that’s how he is treated!) is not allowed to sit in front of the queen. He has been even allotted definite time to share bed with the queen. All other times, he should live in a house outside the queen’s palace 🙂

Lady F: So the King was treated like a sort of a Queen’s pet?


Haha… Not to that extent! At least, he is a machine to produce the future Queens!

Lady F: I once made a sort of a marital CV presentation for a young man in India.

It had to contain his entire family tree – uncles, cousins, grandparents…

So do all those people get to approve his love life?

Pradeep: That depends. In Kerala, most of the families allow love marriages and inter-caste marriages.

But there are people who don’t tolerate such things.

Even in Kerala, there were some incidents of killing the couple/groom by these people.

Lady F: I just came upon an article from BBC, which claims that polyamorous relationships may become the future of love. Monogamy and marriage are considered the norm, but it wasn’t always that way, especially in India… And it’s all just a little bit of history repeating…

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