Nowadays, since all of us have got Internet – it’s really hard to miss someone. Well, chatting is not like sitting on his lap, but it helps to relieve your cravings a lot.

What do you miss?

Obviously, everyone needs their daily share of attention. Attention makes you feel good about yourself, it makes you feel special and unique. Now there are different kinds of attention: humans need to talk to each other, but they also need to touch each other – it is a basic human need. You need hugs to prosper, to feel good, to survive. This is why most people are strongly attached to their pets. This is why people go to dancing classes and employ other socially acceptable ways of touching. When you lack your pet or your social hobby, you miss them, for they gratify the need for non-verbal communication.

Verbal communication, on the other hand, is something we receive so readily that we rarely miss it. When you stroll around the neighborhood, you greet the shoe-maker, and the market-lady, the shop-assistant, the burger-seller, the seamstress, and the owner of the pet shop…and the magic words “please,” “here you are,” “thank you,” make everyone feel instantly better. You often learn the names of the people you meet in such way. When you behave yourself, you feel like a royalty – courteous to all…

Then there is the person closest to you for whom you make coffee in the morning, who is grateful for your coffee and loves to spend the mornings chatting to you about ordinary stuff. Those are the people you are really bound to miss, should they walk away, since the bond is very strong.

Then there are dead people. It passes time, before you accept that they have left their imprints in your entire heart and they have left – probably to a better reality – and the feeling for them will be forever merged with the experience of nature’s melancholy – the rain, the birds circling in flight, the crispy snow, the cool wind…all the natural phenomenon that remind you of the sadness of love.

Of course, there are the love interests – those you practically need to converse with about anything the entire time – and they are never off your mind, and it’s a terrible agony to miss them. Let’s focus mainly on them.

How do you miss?

Well, the feeling of missing someone, especially a love interest is terrible. The name of the person crosses your mind on plenty of occasions. You begin to hate the stuff that reminds you of him – objects, scents and food since that causes you pain. Every time you eat pizza you remember how you did it together. You try to remind yourself regularly how your dignity was hurt when he left, so that you don’t follow him around like a little puppy. It’s painful and aggressive to your own self. It’s quite common for people in this state to act destructively to themselves. They feel large amounts of guilt and they are quite tense about their own value. They are questioning the sense of life, and their souls feel troubled.

When do you miss?

Obviously, for two love-interests to separate, there has been a climactic or critical event of a sort, that has hurt at least one of them and is setting them apart, while they are in total misery, trying to achieve balance by themselves. When love is involved, that is simply impossible.  You will inevitably miss your romantic interest even if you have been apart for five minutes.

Why do you miss someone?

You miss someone because he triggers special feelings in your heart. He is lovely and creates a feeling of belonging for you. The world feels different with him as if you are part of a divine symphony – the first four notes of the 5th Symphony of Beethoven. Without them, you are forlorn and wretched like a stray animal. You have had together the best times of your lives. The world with him is a fascinating, unresolved mystery – not quite your everyday life. He brings greatness and grace in your soul. There are thousands of reasons to miss somebody – and in the case of lovers – it happens before they have separated. They have the tendency to whine about the parting even before it, they are afraid it will happen, and they want to stretch their moment to “forever.” For the truly romantic at heart – it is possible – everlasting love, but it is penal servitude. Often lovers are not ready for parting as Byron put it: “So we’ll go no more a roving, so late into the night, though the heart be still as loving, and the moon be still as bright.” “How will I do without you – when heavy days will come when all the friends are gone when the lilacs will start smelling?…”

How to alleviate missing someone?

There is no alleviation. You have to destroy the feeling of loss. Forget about your dignity, when your heart is in such danger.

Well, just talk to the guy…it can’t get any worse. So come on all fours and beg to be accepted back. Your heart feels things that you can try to explain. By all means, wait for him to chill out, and feel he lacks you as well. If your relationship recovers without any bitterness and cynicism on one of the sides – then you know it is true love.  True love is the recipe – you will never miss anything because it has such potency – to bring about everything good and solid into your lives.


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