What Is The Smallest Kind Of Heartbreak?

When you walk at a fast pace and you pass by a disabled person.

When you are single and hang out with your friend and her boyfriend and they are kissing the entire time.

When you haven’t caught the bouquet at a wedding.

When someone depends entirely on your service.

When you have to dig in the street trash to feed a stray cat.

When someone can’t read.

When the beggar you want to feed with your sandwich has got no teeth to chew it.

When you see a person, who’s been through anything but a love affair.

When you refuse a convict to be his Penpal.

When somebody cheats on you deliberately for a small amount of money.

When you’ve got the flu on your birthday.

When you have accidentally killed a fly or a snail.

When the little bird with a broken wing you’ve been looking after dies.

When your neighbor steals your pet turtle.

When you are irritated by an ill person.

When your relatives do not believe in your dreams.

When a honeymoon is over.

When you keep secrets from your family to not worry them.

When your best friend has got a minor health condition.

When your kitten is ill and you don’t know what from.

When the cooks from the restaurant where you order food for the home have put cinnamon on your cauliflower.

When you don’t know what to say to a person with chronic pain.

When your grandma starts asking your name.

When things that impressed you in your childhood aren’t as impressive anymore.

When from “the girl” you turn into “the Madame.”

When you hang out with your friends from high school and instead of men, you start discussing health issues.

When you can’t decide what is the right thing to do.


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