Why Can’t I Control My Imagination? It’s Like I’d Just Start Imagining Something Bad out Of Nowhere with Barely Any Control to Stop It?

Do you ask yourself often “how can I control my imagination.” Yeah, writers often fear that. Imagination is tricky in its omnipotence. It can lead you everywhere. Sometimes, it could scare you. Like when you are reading a book with a lot of suspense and you imagine bad ending. But you can learn to control it and master it to a certain extent. Try not to let your mind lurk in negative thoughts. Even if you have had a negative thought – just let it pass by – like in meditation. Imagine the surface of a cool lake, and the bad thought making a small ripple – but if you feed this thought the ripple can turn into a huge wave. What makes you lose control over your imagination? – Fear does. If you fear negativity, you are bound to sink in it. Don’t let the negative thought pull you from world-perceptions that are sane and lovely. Banish it and say: stay away from me mean thought! You have to be friendly with your imagination. It’s a beautiful instrument, the best you will ever own. It’s not its fault that it’s being attacked by mean thoughts – I believe mean thoughts are sort of spiritual pests, which sort of have an existence of their own. Your mind is a precious, holy instrument – but with age, being exposed to all kind of negative energy, it begins to be receptive of the mean thoughts. You should at all times know that mean thoughts have no power over you. They are the dishwater of the world, waiting to be banished by our positivity, humanity’s eternal smile.

You can. You have to know all the time that you can. Your soul is the navigator of your mind, not the opposite. The intrusive thoughts have no power over you, you are the master, you are connected to all there is, at all times: you are divine!



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