Would You Date A Guy Who Is Nice And Intelligent But Boring?

I am not fond of intelligence. To me, it means that the person disposes of all kinds of knowledge and facts in his mind, but he hardly knows how to utilize any of this. I love smartness – which is something else entirely. Woody Allen put it that way: Your smartness and spiritual growth depend on how you react if you are suddenly awakened in the center of the city, without clothes. Dry intelligence was never attractive to me. I am much more into emotional intelligence, people who speak from the soul, polite and generous people, loving and honest, and virtuous people. Intelligence can never compensate the lack of virtues. Being intelligent does not mean you are prepared for life – no – life gives the greatest lessons. I fall in love with extremely noble people – not snobbish college graduates. It may be that I have a different definition of intelligence. I think it is a thing of the mind, while I am of the people, who try to follow their heart…sense of humor is a quality of the soul.

“So you’re a rocket scientist?
That don’t impress me much!”

Besides scientists tend to argue and dispute about anything and everything, just for the sake of it – I think it was the King of the Paradox, Oscar Wilde, who said that argument was for the mentally-undeveloped.

If you think of yourself as the ultimate scientist, you are really with limited capacity. Socrates was evolved enough to formulate it like this: “I know only that I know nothing.” He is quite right. In fact several hundred years ago – scientists “knew” that the Earth was flat and the center of the Solar system.  Sciences are constantly evolving. Medicine, for instance, evolves so fast, that when you graduate the educational institution half of your knowledge will be obsolete, only you can’t know which half. That sounds really amusing to people who actually have something other than biscuit flour in their heads.

On the other hand – a person who you genuinely love – has got the privilege to never be boring to you.


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