Is Paris As Romantic And Charming As It Is Depicted In Movies?

Is Paris As Romantic As We Expect?

When I first saw Paris on a live cam – my sentiments were exactly: Goodness, what a jostle! Have in mind that I have always dreamt of strolling in Paris on my honeymoon and having coffee and croissant in each café. I am somehow so connected to Paris, that I believe I have lived there in a past life full of riches and enjoyment.

I am not interested in travel guides and sight-seeing. I want to feel the spirit of this city…which is so iconic to people in love. I know what to do, I will dive in the deep ambiance of Seine, I will walk In the parks sizzling in romance, I will not be able to get enough of Montmartre – the district with the vintage goods, cafes, boutiques, museums, and gardens…I will go watch the Can-Can in the Moulin Rouge. Of course, I will visit Versailles, to remember old times, and Café the Flore, where the philosophers of France met French writers…I will most definitely go to tea at Ritz. Paris and its romantic vibe and me – finally in heaven! I will take my lover to a restaurant, where we will have wine and cheese, local cuisine and gourmet. How will we stop eating? The French cuisine has got a great reputation and a lot of recommendation from foreigners. Their basic issue: how to stop eating? It’s so tasty!

The chirping sound of the French language, I understand why Parisians refuse to speak another language but their own. The most romantic phrase S’il vous plaît (I beg you!) from the historical romance novels I grew up with – whispered in the ear of my beloved, in such a manner that he will desire to claim me on the spot. Parisians have invented L’Amour(the love)- yes. You go to Vegas to marry and get rich, to San Francisco for flowers in your hair, but you go to Paris for love!




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