What Is The Meaning If A Girl Buys Chocolate For A Boy?

girl buys chocolate

Chocolate Facts

From hot Western Africa and especially Cote d’Ivoire comes the hottest treat in the world. There lives a tree called Theobroma and its name means “Food of the Gods,” and from it, we derive cocoa, which we use to make chocolate.

In Mayan and Aztec cultures, chocolate was not the refined bar we know–it was always a drink, which was consumed by men. Women had to prepare chocolate, but they were not allowed to drink it.

Smooth, glossy, shiny and rich chocolate tastes divine and it is good for your health–well, that’s what nutritionists claim. It has to be savored mindfully and in small portions–not a whole box of bonbons in front of the TV. Cardiologists say that the joy of eating, especially dark chocolate decreases the risk of a heart attack, a stroke, or getting diabetes. It gives us pleasure and makes us feel good. Why, it’s the cheapest therapy you can get.

But when you receive chocolate as a gift what should it matter?

Chocolate Says Everything That Matters

Chocolate is also an aphrodisiac–which means it enhances our sexual desire. It contains substances that act upon you as an orgasm would. Some argue that it is even better than sex. In the 1920s Perugina, an Italian company introduced a chocolate called Baci–which means “a kiss” in Italian and from there on–chocolate ads always have these sexy renditions.  Chocolate, candy bar, caramel, coffee–are the sexiest words and the entire world is in love with these treats.

Besides being a guilty pleasure for single girls, chocolate is also definitely an exchange unit of love. A lover who has brought chocolate is better than a lover alone. If a girl buys chocolate for a boy, I am of the opinion that she thinks he’s special, a Platonic friend, a love interest, a Muse… you don’t just give away chocolate unless it’s for romance. It is not the perfect dessert–it is meaningful and full of pleasure.

Pay attention to the Shiny Wrap when you pick chocolate for a present. Make sure it contains a romantic message–such as For You, Merci and also:

“A chocolatier’s tribute to almond lovers everywhere. Whole toasted almonds crowded into thick milk chocolate. Double chocolate ice-cream” Did your mouth just water? That’s the effect of even thinking about things chocolaty, only mentioning them. Chocolates are so irresistible. Beware, you and your lover: things can become electric.

Shakespeare said: “Speak low if you speak love…” Giving chocolate to a boy is a silent way to say “I love you!”

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