Wild and Ordinary Stuff For Roomies To Do Together


No, they are not lovers, but they do fancy each other. To the point that they share a dwelling, full of joy and human freedom, fun and adventures. It is great to have someone near you with whom you can share the same toothpaste and go to extremes with coffee, tea, and muffins.

Someone who loves playing music as loud as you do, someone who will dance with you in an apron, with a sleep mask and with rollers in your hair. Because both of you will be crazy, your life together will be the fanciest roller-coaster!

He will do your hair in the morning and give you a massage in the evening. You will make pancakes fly all around the room, and no one minds if they end up hanging from the ceiling. You will hide presents for each other in the kitchen. You will leave notes for each other on the fridge – notes such as: “Every single day I am grateful for you!” You will study languages intensively together and stick phrases, words, pictures from magazines, and texts on the walls everywhere – even in the toilet and the bathroom mirrors. Eager to learn and improve, you will watch documentaries, and courses, you will share ideas and indulge in all forms of creativity, constantly boosting each other’s level.

Collages will cover your walls. You will wear clothes that you have painted yourselves. You will drink your coffee from mugs with your faces, and on your T-Shirts and pillows, there will be funny and lovely inscriptions. You will play with Feng Shui, walk around the rooms with a compass, arranging them. Definitely, you will stimulate each other to achieve even more vibrant health and well-being. The seeds of greatness will flourish in your souls.

There will be no ordinary days – every moment will be unique. Even Sundays – the days created by the Lord for breakfast, TV movies and pajamas will be extraordinary in a lovely way. You can arrange puzzles, and look after a kitten and a golden fish for prosperity.

When you are ill, he will fetch you a mug with mulled wine, and you will sit under a blanket next to the fireplace. When you are healthy, you will try foreign cuisine – the time has come to prepare gourmet food coming from all over the world. When you are sad he will wipe your tears. You will have napkins for your happy tears as well. You will have a place, with which you can experiment called “home” and wonderful attitude, with which you can experiment called “friendship.” There will be a great event, with which you can experiment called “living together.” Life with a roomie will be an incredibly wonderful adventure. There may be no sex, but there will be dancing for certain…

Vanilla, cinnamon, a peel from an orange… It smells of Sunday, you’ve been staying up late, and you wake up slowly, the coffee is gorgeous. The day starts gracefully, what else do you need?

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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