How To Conclude He Likes You?

he likes you

Men are tricky. Most of them will never admit that they are enamored. Is it cheesy and below their dignity, we do not know. But even if they do not do anything conscious to admit their love, there are still some reactions that testify the man is in trouble with you and is about to act unreasonably.

You wonder if you are liked – leave alone the poor daisy!
Girls, chances are if he does any of these, he is so much into you:

  1. He follows you around with a heavy gaze.

He literally devours you with eyes. It’s like: oh well, a never was there ever a sight more pleasant than magical Miss You! That should be translated that you are phenomenally pretty to him. Of course, he will never admit, but his eyes give him away. It’s this mystery between you, when your gazes clash into each other…you find out you are dependable.

  1. After he has said something funny, he looks at you.

He wants to impress you the entire time, with all his sentences. He looks for reassurance and he checks if you are on the same wave. He is ready to do anything for your sincere smile. Chances are you will smile benevolently at each other, whatever the circumstances.

  1. He strives to do things differently around you.

He feels he is on a stage the entire time. That could result in two situations: he is not organic and feels tense, or he is very artistic and pleases your senses –that depends on the self-confidence of the man. The artistic is a rare species.

  1. He opens doors for you.

He is polite and generous. He asks you what you want, and serves it to you. Name him after the legendary Swiss chocolate you love – Mr.Toblerone – and you won’t be wrong: he is sweet, unique, the finest taste experience for you.  Caramel, bonbon, and chocolate…

  1. He laughs hard when you say something, even if it is not that funny.

He shows appreciation without realizing it. You can have any guy, who thinks you are pretty and funny if only he doesn’t think you are crazy as well.

  1. He will try to solve your problem.

We, women, are the compassionate species. Men are problem-solvers. If you go to a woman with your problem, she will calm and alleviate you, while the man will solve it for you…little do they know that sometimes all we need is to whine, pouring tears on their virile shoulder.

  1. He is ready to eat food off your naked body.

There was this really stupid action movie called Hot Shots, in which Charlie Sheen was practically frying eggs on a woman’s naked body – if a man you know does this, you should know he is definitely into you.


Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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