Good Reasons for Drama

Lady F is not a drama queen, but she also recognizes several occasions when the female drama is relevant and even “advisory”- in the sense of recommended. So girls fill buckets with tears if and when:

  1. Benefits are gone

You have met and practically ever since, sincere and ardent desires are flowing between you, combined with soulful, and honest friendship, and both of you are aware of it. He has discovered that making love to you is shattering, and it will turn or confuse his world. Guess what, he doesn’t want to do this to himself (no one does). So he will deprive you of the benefits first. Secretly you will long for each other, for nothing has changed since that first night of passion. But he has got a sword with a name, and he has stuck it into your nuptial bed, right between you, so that you can still look into his eyes, but there is the sword that hinders you from flowing over his form. Thus he keeps you perfectly enamored; he teases you and refuses to alleviate your desires in any way. Girls, cry for Louie…

If you don’t fill the bucket with tears, you will end up in other drama deserving circumstances.

  1. I have a girlfriend

Next thing you learn from your good spiritual friend is that he is not alone. That according to him wouldn’t change the situation between you…only what kind of a girl, he asks, wants to compromise the man, she is in love with, by making him desire her when he is obviously attached. If you don’t step away, he will step on you, which is not good tone even in a Tango. You accept the new regulations with a wounded heart, but still, he reminds you-you are very well connected spiritually. And sex is not important – you are doing much more important stuff together. Again you will submit, but you will howl again a little when no one is looking at you.

If you don’t howl, here’s what comes for you:

  1. I don’t have time for you

Slowly, he is retreating from your world. He expects from you to take it naturally since you are a big girl. But you know the poison of jealousy and you know you have things to apologize for, which aren’t entirely your fault. Especially, if you wake up and fall asleep with his name on your mind, and the rest of time, you think of him…every two minutes or so. You are ready to destroy your comfort zone, and leave no trace of dignity in you if only you could get him back.

Cry me a river, but trust me, he is coming back for you!


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