Sexiest Features of Men

This is ten percent luck
Twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure
Fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!



Even peacocks are educated how to do it. They attract the females with an open trembling tail with thousands of eyes. The men I am captivated by open doors for the ladies and give them the eye. They hold their hands on mountain terrain and when they descend on stairs. 200 years ago they bowed slightly and kissed the hand of the lady or even bit on it impassionately. They serve the soup for her first, and then pour the wine without trembling. Even they swear, they do it with style – style, that’s what I remember!

Showering of attention

That includes presents, delicious stuff left on the pillow and quarreling over a piece of chocolate, mouth to mouth. Also combing and arranging her hair and letting her groom your growing beard for you. A serenade, a boat trip, an irresistible journey, he shares the joys of life with you – by taking you to desolate islands and high towers, medieval towns and huge, fantastic cities. Restaurants, hot coffee, and croissants, high-tea in Ritz, riding a camel, a horse, an elephant… buying spices like saffron that you can use to cook together. Of course, the greatest generosity – attention – he’s got you on his mind the entire time.


I do not mean the content of their wallet, or how many jeeps and camels they possess. An attractive man has got a rich individuality, he is well-read, finely-brought and chiseled, he is not impressed by wealth since he carries it in his heart. He is smart, benevolent, soulful and charming. The way he speaks reveals his deep intelligence and he is gifted with a sense of humor. Unlike all the other men – he’s got the wits and the wisdom. He is kind-hearted; he is self-confident, and noble – to the extent that he is ready to gift his car to a person in need, and never for one moment feel sorry for this decision. If he has a yacht, he will probably donate it as charity. He never feels so financially insecure that he can’t take you for a pizza. He is gifted with that percentage of the concentrated power of will… and only that stops him from making out with you in any setting.

Being a good lover

Pick the one who touches the tips of your hair and caresses your nails. Pick the one who scratches your naked back with his beard. He will practically absorb you with eyes when you are several meters away from each other…When you stand next to him, one can cut the air between you with a knife like butter. When he touches you, your body flows as an extension of his body. You imagine all the time love coming in waves between both of you. He is absolutely aware of his power over you.


Let’s face it: mothers are selfless, but female lovers are egocentric. They want the world to revolve around them. They want their charms exaggerated the entire time by the men they are intrigued by. They want to hear all the time, how lovely, and talented and fascinating and different they are, how noble, and generous and devoted they are…they want to hear the entire time how great their works and “what a piece of work” they are. If a man manages to listen to a woman closely for two months, chances are she will go berserk with passion after the two months have passed. It is natural for women to attach to men, who give them their admiration and attention, even though they are burdened with glorious purposes…


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  1. So much to see, so very little time at hand. How cruel our Masters treat us, unless of course this is what we crave.

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