The Gentleman With The Roses

Once upon a time in Paris lived a bewitching lady. She used to sit naked next to the window pane and have her hot coffee and a croissant while watching pedestrians walking under her house window. One day a small, pearl-white dove perched right next to her carrying a small note tied to its leg. Slowly, she opened the note which was hemmed in golden and besprinkled with a male perfume. It had just one word written on it: “Rendezvous.”

She smelled the lovely scent, then folded the note and placed it in the jar with the sugar, for she was really messy. Then she continued her favorite thing in the world – sipping hot coffee and people watching. She didn’t think much of the note – all French girls once upon a time in their lives have secret adorers.

Then she walked naked around her kitchen and started preparing pancakes. She skillfully tossed the pancakes in the air and then she couldn’t catch them quite well. But she had a lot of fun doing this. While she was feasting on the ready pancakes and she had both cheeks full of chewed food, she heard a ring at the door. Who could it be at this time of the day, she wondered. When she looked through the cotter she saw a man who was carrying a huge bouquet of roses, which was hiding his entire face, but a cadet’s blue hat. When she finally managed to open the door – she saw him walking away in a soldier’s, confident bearing. In front of the porch lay the beautiful bouquet of scarlet roses. Beside them, she discovered another note, written on a white paper serviette. In calligraphic writing it was written: “These roses are the color of my heart. If you want to see the color of my soul, come to the town fountain tomorrow.”

A man with a red heart – she said. That’s so fine and fair! Red means fire. He is bound to succeed. He probably brings more good luck than a four-leaved clover. And he must be alert as a tower bell. But what if he is aggressive, or mad, or violent?  Will he compensate by being also intense, triumphant, romantic and sensual? Rare is his heart – a garden of red roses, each more appealing than the other.

A night of dreams had passed. She woke up happy and invigorated and dressed as if she is going to the wedding of her best friend, and she is trying to outmatch the bride. It was early morning, the sun was appearing at its hour and she was walking her brisk but feminine gait towards the city fountain – the one with the little ducks who swam gently on its surface. Next, to the fountain – wonder that it hadn’t disappeared was a lavish bouquet of yellow roses, and a handkerchief on which was embroidered the following invitation: “Come to the bird zoo tomorrow, to see my hopes…”

He aspires, he is original, he must be a poet, a happy and prosperous and talented poet. Yellow is my favorite color, summer is my most beloved season of all, and I hardly can carry the heaviness of this yellow bouquet – absolutely the most beautiful I have seen.

Needless to say on the next day, she stood at the cage of the owl in the city garden, on which was written: “Please, do not feed the birds. If you have food for them, please give it to the security guards.” And next to the cage with the peacock with the stretched tail, trembling with affection, she saw another bouquet in the color of adventure, calmness, cleanliness, laziness and life in general: each rose in rare, luminous green!

Wow, she sighed as she opened the next note with fingers trembling with impatience. The card said: “Come to the castle gate tomorrow, and I will show you the color of my feelings for you.”

“Goodness. Should I go?” – she was sitting naked on the window’s pane and watching people go by with the perfect cup of coffee…but then she saw a couple on the street, and the man was handing to his girlfriend one red rose. One rose! She put on the most casual summer dress, and she ran to the castle gate. While she was approaching she saw a whole rainbow of roses, and in the midst of it – her true love smiling that heavenly smile.

Written with the help of Captain Maltese




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