Why Love Hasn’t Come To Me?

There was this wonderful pop song, which stated:

“You can’t hurry Love,
You just have to wait…”

Really. So true. Madonna put it that way:

“Until I learned to love myself, I was never, ever loved by anybody else…”

Do you sometimes wonder why each little bird has a someone?

It seems like love passes by most of us, and leaves us poor and wretched – always sad. Not all of us have faces fair as milk, and the suitable genetic tree, enough money or…gravity to pull people towards us. We can’t stir a love potion. But we can still make coffee, right? Generally:

“Love hurts! Love scars!”

Does it?

Love scares us all. We crave for it so much, but we cannot recognize it. It’s actually all around us – but not the love that you feel in your fingers and your toes, and makes you practically intoxicated. No – the chance to love and be loved is all around you the entire time, you just have to take it…

It’s in our prayers all the time, and it actually surrounds us…like in the prayer:

God above me. God below me. God behind me. God in front of me. God to my left. God to my right. God within me. Amen

Treat people as if they are gods: treat them your coffee. Adore them, serve them, make pancakes for them, encourage them, support them, kiss their hands and their cheeks, hug them, and button the last button on their shirt. Be like a huge white wedding cake. Listen to their hearts.

Pop musicians know a lot about love.

My bunny – Kirkorov sings to his lady Alla:
My bunny, I am your bunny,
My hand, I am your finger,
My fish, I am your eye,
My bath, I am your basin,
My Sun, I am your ray,
My door, I am your key,

I sleep badly at nights because I love you,

I am of the opinion that love needn’t be so clingy. You are not with a person, because he or she makes you feel complete – you have to be complete by yourself. People who are dependable and attached to each other, have a lot of requirements from each other. Love is all about giving and not expecting a single thing in return. If you have problems giving – you are not spiritually evolved. Little people always ask for things. Their spiritually evolved friends provide them with stuff. On the most basic of planes, they feed them, shelter them, clean for them, trot about them and serve them, and you know what? They are most of the time happier than all the other people. Love. The seventh wave…

On the other levels, spiritually evolved people give support, encourage others, involve themselves in artistic activities, focus their light on people, and make everyone around them balanced and happy. This is the true power of love.

When you look around – the world is full of grateful beings. Choose a grateful being, and bestow your romantic cravings on him or her.

Each little bird has a someone.

People have soulmates.

But how is one to find your soul mate? – everybody would ask.

You don’t find them. You grant them the honorary title of being your soul mate.

Does that mean you can love anyone?

No. You can bestow your grace on people who are as equally evolved as you.  Anything else will be a charity – and here we speak of the love, which drives the worlds.

Does that mean you can love anyone?

Yes. That’s a sort of a personal project. You can love people, because that will transform them, but you cannot give in to people, who are not as evolved as you. Period.

But the spring, the core, the generator of love is inside all of us…we are bountiful and rich, beyond our imagination, we are happy and blessed, and reside in love and joy, and this is not just nice ordering of words.

Love has come to you! But you have closed your eyes.


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  1. I love the part about being complete. Someone else shouldn’t make you complete, you have to have self worth for someone to love you

  2. I always love the concept of soulmates. But, I agree if the hardest part is answering the question “how to find she/he”

  3. I love this post. I have my soul mate. He and I compliment each other in every way because we chose to love each other completely. Thanks for sharing happy blogging to you

  4. Love your blog, especially this post. It was super helpful and meaningful!

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