Why Action Movies Suck?

I just watched the Avengers, starring Tom Hiddleston.

I feel burdened.

Needless to say, I watched it to treat myself more of Loki of Asgard. This time I was fairly disappointed. I hate the guy.

Loki from Thor Ragnarock is an accomplished character, while in Avengers he is only a flat character, without dimensions. In other words, he is an antagonistic crap.

I don’t want to watch movies, in which the Earth is threatened by freaking iron invaders from another planet. That is truly a disaster – who wants to see interior and exterior being destroyed by faceless monsters which appear from a different dimension. Who wants to see people running in the streets and screaming, and dying in a terrible way? Who likes green monsters, which can’t control their power, for the life of them? Who wants to see incessant battles, who wants to be constantly tortured whether the good guys will win…which is why I stayed glued to the action movie screen, because I expected some kind of revelation, when the good guys actually would win. Well, I got no revelation.  I simply got unnerved.

I don’t need to watch a vandalistic destruction of people, objects, even formidable ones such as alien spaceships. I am not interested in the latest technology miracle, which will facilitate people and aliens to kill each other. In action movies usually there are more weapons than people, and the few people keep violating each other, even though most of them are obviously immortals. I don’t like it when everybody is in danger, and when the enemy aliens have to die in terrible ways – well, poor aliens. Who brought them in the movie for Pete’s sake?

How can we become peaceful in our intentions, when since Roman times we have been entertaining ourselves with violence? Of course, we could say that people died on the arenas in those times, while for the making of a movie, no one suffers. But our lust after violence has remained, and it is boosted by action movies. They develop in darkness, and the only light comes from weapons and bombs.

Loki is actually malicious, to my great distaste. I saw him in a different way in Thor Ragnarock.  He was artful and cunning, truly he was vain like an actor, but he was not plain mean. Loki in the Avengers is truly pitiful in his motifs, as well as his total lack of sentimentality.

Well, I guess, Tom Hiddleston stays in my heart, for even when playing the vicious Loki, he has got an enchantment, which can’t be ignored. But Loki goes down…I will rewrite him…so that he is pleasing to my soul… unlike action movies.


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