A Love Letter To Tom Hiddleston


Dearest Loki, 

I know that you are Loki from Asgard and you are “burdened with a glorious purpose…” and this is more than fascinating. You are also blue-eyed, which is synonymous with being irresistible and untrustworthy. And you have managed to rouse my indignation with your villainy, but you are still innocent. You manage to be high and low, grand and grotesque, most of all – unexpected as the tropical weather. You always smile that ominous smile in the face of danger, battle and any other conflict – that insane smile… My first impression of you was when you were standing before that enormous crowd and informing them with a smirk: “I am Loki, from Asgard, and I am burdened with a glorious purpose”… and the crowd went berserk. I discovered the last movie with you – in it you are an accomplished character, a polished one. Vain, adaptable, ready to deceive, quite busy with yourself, but you always manage to appear timely when you are needed. You seem to have a base motivation, but actually, you are always motivated by love. You are villainous, yet I have a hard time hating you. As a matter of factness, I am inspired! The crowds can say your name till climax!

You promise yourself, that you will stop dressing in black when they invent a darker color, you prankster God from the Norse Mythology. You fill my heart with tenderness – a perfect, blissful tenderness. You are scared most of the time, but you keep being strong even despite the fear. You are so genuine and loveable…I shouldn’t mention the slight pursing of lips when you are thinking of something mischievous. I want to burden you with an even more glorious purpose!

That devastating smile and million-dollar charm will set my panties on fire…

Truly you are wearing horns, but yes, you look wonderful tonight.

Yesss. see Naples and die!

Speed! Give me what I need! Speed and immortality…

Heaven and flirt…you are the meanest boy I’ve ever seen…


But you are my kind of crazy…

As Mikhail Bulgakov put it – you are a part of the power, which wishes ill, but creates only good…


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