What Would You Say About the Domination of Sex over Reason?

Churchill in a letter to his wife: “Dear Clementine, one of our cows had acted unreasonably and soon we are going to delight in a calf.”

There are in the world sexual people, and people, who pretend that they are not sexual aka prudes, puritans and old respectable maids. If the latter are encouraged, they demonstrate an interest in sex as well. Now, all of us, without exceptions, claim that we transcend our sexuality spiritually, we are “not animals,” “not fornicators,” “not swines” etc…As if something is inherently wrong with the way we have all came on this world. We deny to us our daily lovemaking intercourse, we judge ourselves, and in the most unfavorable of cases – we make love through a hole in a sheet. That we call healthy morality. Now think of someone who complained on his deathbed that he’d had too much sex.

My sexuality is under total control but not under my brain but under my soul.

Sex is a soulful thing: pleasure is of the mind, delight is of the soul. Touch, smell, taste, hearing, and seeing are perceptions of the mind, but tenderness, love, affection, joy are of the soul. To give your mind the control of your sexuality is, therefore, a perversion. For the soul is always the right navigator in life.

Follow your heart, people say. That will take you to the chambers of the person you love, and you will slowly let the dress fall off your shoulders and gather at your feet, and naked you will greet your lover in all your glory and beauty, Isabel…State your desire boldly, looking at him intently in the eyes, do not shiver, do not reprimand yourself, for your heart so desired.

Don’t think too much how he will react. His mind is literate, he is a thinker, but he’s also got a smart soul. The way you touch him, he will remain breathless. Spill all the loveliness and beauty of the world in his heart! For sex is much more than your mind perceives of it…it is a total union of the enamored souls. You know you have to address your lover when your heart is no longer patient.

But what to do, when lover doesn’t come on time?

That seems to be an entirely different issue…

Pornography does represent an escape, but only for the mind. The pleasure is short-lived and it leaves you in a state of guilt – like a person who’s on a diet and just had a fat meal. Also, the relaxation does not last – if you make love – chances are you will be pleasantly excited for 3 weeks after the act, while self-pleasuring lasts for ten minutes. It has to be banished, but unfortunately, there are people in the world with no other option.

For I claim with positivity that the only healthy option for having sex is being with the person you are enamored with. The act of love is sacred and sublime. It should overwhelm your entire mind, and you have to have an intense sensation how to touch, kiss, and involve your lover sensually. In the process of lovemaking, the mind stays calm and meditative…only fair thoughts are welcome.

To all of you, who are “beyond sex” and sensible beings, I want to tell you that your spirit should completely set your soul free if you are to feel the greatest happiness – of giving in and commanding delight to the soul of another. Yes, …heaven is really between her legs!

But I know you are too ethical and sensible to agree.


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