How To Tell Her There Is Someone Else?

Whatever tactics you use, it’s Crash! Boom! Bang! news. Check her pulse to find out whether she is still alive after she has received this perverse information. Dying from neglect is epidemic – it causes more misery than terminal illnesses. You are suddenly someone left without a loaf a bread, bullets flying all around your head, doesn’t he love you anymore?

Ok, there is someone else. Hardly there is a better way to plunge a knife into your great spiritual friend’s heart and twist it a little. Not the fact that there is someone – there are a lot of people in the world, but there is someone in the shadow of whom she deserves to be neglected and possibly for a lifetime. Her dreams with you are crashed, all of a sudden. She is now left to live with the total agony that she is never going to be desired by you again…and for some girls this means strolling the marchlands for the rest of their lives, calling your name.

Neglect, not jealousy is what causes such severe pain in the hearts of enamored people.

But in case you love me no more, and all your sugar coated words meant nothing to your heart, then you should of course release this information.

Bring the subject carefully, with an enchanting smile, as if you are spilling the most newsworthy line in the world, tell her: “Hey, you know what? I don’t  have time for you, for there is someone…”

But don’t bring the subject in bed, nor in the ardent passions of lovemaking, nor when she pours coffee for you and stirs it with a small, silver spoon. Don’t tell her while you are making out in the shower, and after you have just made her come, don’t tell her such things. She will cry her heart out in disbelief. Then suspicion will crawl into her beautiful head. Wait, I have just been sitting on his lap, how can there be someone else? Suspicion, doubt, panic, breathe, breathe low, contract, release, contract, release. It’s too bad to be real. Now agony settles in. Suspicion, doubt, panic, agony, are you still breathing? Do you dare to?

Then ask her if everything is okay. That’s what friends do.



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