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Familiar to me from all the fairy-tale dreams, here is a short account of what I believe the faerie and elven sacred forest folks stand for, their culture, their incredible lives. I believe intuition is the best way to familiarize yourself with the faerie world, which according to me exists beyond our dreams and tales.

The origin of the word fairy or fay is from the Latin fata – the fate. This speaks of the powers ascribed to these supernatural beings. Whether they are called fairies, fays, weise Frauen (German for wise women), little people, or good folk – they share certain traits. They are all female, incredibly beautiful and with potential for tenderness and powerful as little gods, and very pleasant to the senses.


The male fairies are also known as elves. They have pointed shoes and often wear pointed hats, but unlike witches, they dress mostly in green. They are extremely handsome, small beings, merry and bright the entire time, capricious and mischievous. Those who live in mushrooms and love gifting gems are also called leprechauns. An elf is known by his ears – he is a minature of a very handsome human.


Fairies give the finest gifts – that is to say, they give up their most precious belongings and gift them to their beloveds. They are ready to give up on their art, or hard work, or nice memory, or their breakfast bun – just to make their beloveds happy. Giving half of your golden coins to somebody you love is hard to understand until you get an exquisite gift in return – half the golden coins of your best friend, who thought about you. Fairies love sending packages to each other – small boxes with all kinds of random objects: toys, cards, milk chocolate – they pretty much remind of the contemporary presents in jars – although they are packaged in little boxes with a ribbon, hence we pack our gifts nicely because we have been kissed by the fairies.


The Faerie folk’s pets are unicorns and dragons. Amazing and flying creatures – they are also regular means of transportation – when they get tired from flying. They also ride little rabbits, snails, dragonflies, cats and birds.  Most mythological animals really exist and fairies are in contact with them. The unicorn, for instance, is ascribed beauty and many magical qualities – it has got a golden horn on the forehead, it lives in dense forests, it can become invisible. Unicorns are the most celebrated animals on the planet.


They are natural entertainers – they sing jovial songs and they dance on the surface of spring waters, and they bathe in pollen and from all this – they feel like laughing – so much – that one wonders what they’ve been drinking. There is adventure and love in their world and fun, and very little drama.

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Of course – they live in flowers. Flowers are their cities, their homes and their communities; therefore they are really fine creatures. If you see mushroom circles, know that fairies reside there, especially if the place smells strong of apple, grass or wild violets.


They are mischievous and tricky, therefore humans believe they cannot trust them. They do not have shops or factories, but they do have enough clothes, food and musical instruments – since they manifest into reality everything they need – out of thin air. They have got various talents and are proficient in various arts.


Their world is sizzling with magic. They have the power of “glamor” – which is their ability to shape-shift, and change size and render themselves invisible and visible.


They are clair-feeling creatures, which means that they have great emotional and physical connection and feel their companion on many levels. They are practically able to read your thoughts, and you can converse with them silently – they understand you perfectly well.  Except for the fact that they communicate with each other telepathically, they can also help clean the human aura from negative emotions.


The Fairy Queen – the Goddess Danu, whose name comes from the ancient verb “to run, to flow,” and may also lie behind the ancient name for the river Danube, and it may also mean “aristocratic.”

Danu was a mother goddess, the root “Dan” in ancient Irish means art, skill, poetry, knowledge, and wisdom. She is associated in one story with Bile – the god of light and healing. She was clearly a very powerful and basic earth goddess, a wisdom goddess of inspiration and intellect, she was also a teacher.

The Fairy Queen rules over the fairies and is often named Titania and Mab. The name of Titania comes from the Roman Goddess Diana.

There are fairy spiritual guides – serving as guardian angels – mostly those are people with Celtic lineage.


They are very small creatures dressed in crinolines and lace. They shine in different colors depending on their mood. They have got wings resembling the dragon flies. Their hair shines when they are happy.

Human Fairies

A fairy woman is known by her hands and their touch.

Many people are indeed members of the fairy culture, embodied in human bodies. If a woman acts like a fairy, that is so because she had lived many lives as a fairy in the kingdom of fairies. Most fairies are absolutely joyous and carefree beings. They can manifest anything they need – by attracting from the ether all important things to them. Lovemaking and merrymaking the entire time, they can freely indulge into the feast of life. Most of the embodied fairies have got an amazing sense of humor. They love both games and music. Our knowledge of the fairies is scarce…but we still love them dearly thanks to Walt Disney.

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