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To say that dating sites are boring will be an understatement. The trouble is, that behind those screen names, there are genuine people, with real souls who are extremely bored. Each one is screaming for the greatest generosity: attention. The procrastinators of the world gather in the dating sites to exchange energy, but there, they are usually subject to bitter disappointment. Dating sites do not entertain us, they actually harm our communication skills, by alternating the real communication we need with the sterile environment of the Internet. And yes – emoticons and gifs do make the experience a bit better, but still…

The tragedy is that you will hardly find on dating sites someone who will keep your interest for more than a day. But this does happen sometimes and trust me; it is worth every minute of your time spent online.

Dating Sites Negatives:

Online you are not a real person – you are a screen name and a face, and some random information, which is usually cruelly neglected. Everybody has published their best pictures – selected and carefully trimmed and photoshopped to the desired effect. Even so, most of the pictures look weird, since a human looks more human when they are in motion.

Several of the websites allow you to pick the profiles of people you would allegedly like to meet. You pick them most carefully and never get around to speaking with them, except for the casual “hello there, how are you?” You are too busy to get to know the people you have selected. For you, they remain only pictures and wasted time.

Few of the people, who do contact you will notice your profile is creative. Half of the people will ask to “become your friend” and 35% of them will ask: “Can I place my finger in your bosom?” The rest are not sure exactly what they want. The most original sentence of most of the people is “how is your day?” If you dare not answer, the same person alternates the question: “Good morning! How are you?” and when you don’t answer that as well, there comes the ubiquitous: “Can I be your friend?” Followed by: “Why don’t you answer me?” and the touching “Please tell me, if you don’t want to speak with me” – which is in itself an oxymoron. When you leave that without an answer, they inform you, that they are in the process of learning English, and you should help them in their endeavor.

You may be prejudiced because of your occupation. In case that you are a doctor, you wouldn’t really mind meeting a nurse online. But in case you are a writer, you feel your interests are so different than the other’s interests. That is not to say nurses are not awesome, they are simply awesome in many things you are not and vice versa.

When you look at hobbies and see they are into scuba diving or bungee jumping – nothing you will do sober – you say to yourself: not that person, never that person – but in some cases, this person might be exactly the right one. I was quite certain I will not fall for a certain womanizer, but gee – I could n’t resist him – he turned out to be …something else.

Most of the people will stop communicating with you when they find out you have a special person in your life. Some of them are dirty men, and some claim with all their might that they are not, but they are also tricky. They say they want to swap culture, but more than that they want to place their finger in your neckline.

It will be safe to claim that dating sites are doing more harm, than entertaining us.

Dating Sites Positives:

On the positive side – they present a safe environment for communication with people you will never be able to meet elsewhere. People who do not take life seriously, who may listen to music you hate, but feel happy just to make you smile. Dating sites are full of people who smoke on their pipe and work in various businesses, who smile behind glasses. Sometimes they can make you feel really indignant, but they may also steal your heart.

Sometimes, you are incredibly attracted by the very first sight. You feel you know the person from somewhere. You are drawn to them like a moth to a flame, however hard you fight it you cannot resist. Congratulations, that’s your soul mate. You may now hit it off straight away, and leave the dating sites for good.

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