The Power of Water in Sensuality

water in sensuality

Water has got its own intelligence, which makes it dramatically sensuous. When my Beloved takes a shower, I usually tell him I want to be the hot air in the bathroom and the water, which flows on his divine body. I would like to be as gentle, as pure as the flowing liquid, and explore his every cell. I want to spill upon his glistening skin, fragrant from the shower gel. I want to be warmth and comfort, cleanliness and godliness, I want to be soft as water and exactly so submissive. Water’s touch is inspirational and highly pleasant, water is the most feminine of elements, and being excited to the core I keep sending him signs of weakness and wetness, which he pretends to ignore.

I often imagine a hot bath tub full of floating candles and rose petals, and both of us naked, against each other, kissing blissfully like in the Song of Songs. He is to me: A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams… I could spend hours in his insane, wet embrace, my sweet desire…I want his hands flowing on my form, my breasts floating on the surface, and the closeness which makes us burst into space…he is all sacrifice fire in the midst of a hot spring, that is me, we flow so gently in each other, looking him straight in the eye, and that all-pervasive smile, the signal of wellness and benevolence, the approval of my state. I don’t need it harder, slow like floating water it can last forever…

Water in sensuality…

Recently, I have been more like a tea… a fragrant, hot and strong tea with a lot of cardamom and black pepper, ready to flow between his soft lips. He makes love like a fire sign, a joyous, a bountiful fire, which warms me up in cuddling, as if I am a burning cauldron with a delicious brew, your drunkenness is all we can desire, oh, Love!

He – Fire – keeps asking me: “what do you want me to do to you?” I – Air – reply: “I want to soar, I want to float, I want to burn, and get high, and burst like fireworks through the sky…” and I keep whispering soft and low: “No, please, no!”

Author: LadyF

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