My Perfect Life As A Writer

I am so close to making this a reality. You know people say that the way is actually the goal. This is how I imagine my perfect life as a writer in the ordinary days when I don’t hang out with friends or have additional tasks.

It’s just an ordinary weekday.

I wake up at 8:00, and I drink warm water. This morning ritual opens my day with personal care for my health. It is also a matter of will-power and therefore it is a pledge really important to me.

Energized and fresh, I do not need coffee to wake me up, but I crave for the flavor. I drink my coffee black with just a spoonful of milk.

I work-out for 20 minutes, thus my body is toned for a whole array of spiritual adventures which await me until noon. I unleash my creativity so that I may serve my present customer in the most effective and creative way. I write for money until noon.

Then I have lunch – a well-prepared meal, and after that, I walk outside in the city for two hours. That’s my “me” time, and I love spending time with myself outdoors. Spring is coming! It will freshen everything up. I have heard that the first days of April cannot be bought even with golden coins – so great they are for health and so wonderful it is outside.

After shopping (for food or clothes) and having a really cool late, I come back home at three and I am free to organize, work on my multiple projects, pay attention to my current work in progress, write on my blog and even paint.

Evenings I go dancing salsa or bachata, hot Latino rhythms, and movements which look like making out in clothes.

What do I need?

First I need a “me” space. Soon I will move back to my own room, and I will be able to light those beloved incenses which irritate just about everybody else in the house. I love the smell of cinnamon or sandalwood in my workspace. I should get one box of those small balls from China, which massage your feet while you are working and alleviate tension, to stimulate myself physically. I also need a device for head massage.

Me and my dark coffee.

Me and my colorful notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, pads, stickers, computer, tablet and comfy chair, and aromatic essential oils.

Me planning, listing, dreaming, exploring, reading, writing…

I have got to have a list of things, which beat writer’s block. Like a jar with fancy words – and I have to use three of these words in my writing today. While I am writing I feel light and concentrated, my creativity flows freely and the result entices everyone around me.

I am happy! For no good reason!



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