Past Lives

Is there Life after death? Are there past lives? The five world’s major religions give different answers to this question.

We immediately associate reincarnation with the Hindu spiritual traditions…They tell us about the impending circle of birth, death, and rebirth called “Samsara.” But the beliefs in past lives are also a significant part of the cultures of the Ancient Greeks, and the Celts, Jewish Kabbalists, the Aboriginal peoples of Australia and various Native American tribes.

Aristotle accepted the possibility of an immortal soul. Plato used the term Anabios (to return to life) in order to mean reincarnation. Roman Cicero also believed that the speed at which children learn is proof that they have lived before.

Believers in rebirth claim that We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings who have a human experience.

One of the supernatural powers that Buddha gained with his enlightenment was “remembrance of former births” (purvanivasanusmrti). This means he was able to recall his 500 past lives in detail, as well as to read the past lives of others.

There are about 50 biblical passages, which have been quoted as implying that reincarnation was taught secretly by the earliest Christian authors:

Ecclesiastes 12:7 – Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

Angels are thought to be responsible for guiding individual souls to their next rebirth.

It is believed that certain acupuncture processes, unblocking the Chi energy can stimulate the appearance of memories from past lives.  Some people believe that memories from the past can return during a special kind hypnosis.

In Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and some other belief systems – it is quite possible for a present human to be reborn as an animal and the opposite is also true. One Kabbalistic legend says that the soul of a person who misuses the Divine Name is reborn into the body of a cat. Kabbalists also believe that clues to the past lives can be read in the lines of one’s palms.

Dr. Michael Newton is considered to be a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries of life after death, through the use of a branch in hypnotic regression. He appears on all the media to advocate the immortal life in the spirit world. This is what happens according to him “from the tomb to womb.”

“There comes that time when the soul must once again leave the sanctuary of the spirit world for another trip to Earth. This decision is not an easy one. Souls must prepare to leave a world of total wisdom, where they exist in a blissful state of freedom, for the physical and mental demands of a human body.”

“Souls are an expression of beauty, imagination, and creativity. The ancient Egyptians said that to begin to understand the soul, one must listen to the heart. I think they were right.”

Deepak Chopra says: “We are travelers on a cosmic trip – stardust dancing in the infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment so that we may meet, love, and share. It’s a precious moment. It gives us a sense of purpose.”

Shavasti talks of spiritual partners from your past lives. These precious people have been your Beloveds in many, many reincarnations. Often the relationship with the spiritual partner is a serious challenge. But you feel home with them –connected to the core – you cannot really live without them. They stir your emotions like good coffee. You remember them from somewhere, you most vividly remember them. Even if you are far away you feel spiritually connected. With them, you have powerful, meaningful connections.

Mind you, your soul mates do not have a task to entertain you. They appear only to break the walls you have built and set you free. You will meet them a lot of time in your lives. They will take care of you and heal you from old patterns. There are plenty of soul-mates and only one twin-flame for every one of us. In no way is the relationship between you perfect or unobstructed. Your soul mate may break your heart multiple times.

Plato believed in the division of all the primordial souls into pairs, which ever since have sought to find and reunite with one another. That explains the phenomenon of “love at first sight.”

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