How To Deal With Toxic Colleagues

In terms of personal hygiene or moodiness – there is always this pest in the office who ruins it for all of us. He queues behind you in the canteen and presses his form to you from behind while you are ordering. He draws a portrait of you and claims you are his soul-mate, and that wouldn’t be such a nuisance if you didn’t have 30 years of difference in age.

They talk behind your back, they report your little mistakes to the boss, they gossip and act like hypocrites, they envy your success. Toxic people are really hard to handle, since they drain your entire energy – it’s hard to talk to someone who is sobbing or angry, or dishonest the entire time. But they really, really need someone, to share their situation, to connect…

What do you have to do?

Just learn to genuinely like people. That’s your best defense. Trust is the best locks man. I do not doubt that by changing your attitude to anyone in your environment that will have the desired effect. It’s hard to resist someone who is genuinely compassionate to you.

If you’re tall, or small – I like you!
If you’re fat, or thin – I like you!
If you’re rich, or poor – I like you! I like you! I like you!

Yes, I like you without logic.

But how is one to like people, who have other looks, opinions, values? How is one not to judge or underestimate the life with lower intelligence? Well, if you allow them to be around you and to look up to you things will probably change.

I think all people are bearably pleasant. If you excel them in something, it’s good to care about them in this aspect. If you care about them you work for their well-being – you defend them from the rest (Go about your business!), give them applicable advice (Go bathe yourself!) and basically order them around in order to improve everyone’s experience. But do it with a smile on your face. Some people haven’t had the chance to be well-brought in every aspect. Well may be they have other qualities – this guy who makes annoying advances to you, whenever he gets the chance is actually a painter…

I hear reason speaking: I don’t want to behave well to anyone, who does not share my values. No! I will misbehave! I am not Mary Poppins!

Well, misbehaving if honest can also be of assistance to the guy…(Go bathe yourself! The fact that no one understands you doesn’t mean that you are an artist! and other enlightening lines.) Work the good magic in your office, be supportive and nice, do not judge and everyone will fondly admire you.


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