He Just Seems To Neglect My Needs In The Bedroom If You Get What I Mean

I know. So you probably feel you are not attractive enough?

“A honeymoon is over and the best days of a lover dead and gone…”

No way!

You need a new pattern of thoughts, a new belief system in yourself. Make whatever you feel is necessary to feel attractive. When your clothes come off, you should feel as a Goddess. If it means to lose weight or use all kinds of cosmetic lotions and potions – then do it… you only live once, you have got no excuse to feel less than beautiful. The other option is to feel awesome and attractive just as you are, and fascinated with your intelligent body, addicted to your own touch, the way you move, and how your body flows in an act of love.

So, how to get higher on his list of priorities? One of the ways to attract a man who makes you feel neglected is to show him what a thrill you have got for him. Who can resist romance? Female sensuality is so tempting to men. So if you speak and often of your innermost desires and cravings, chances are you will enchant him. One of the reasons men begin to neglect their partners is that they do not feel needed and desired by them. In this situation, there is a chance, that he will be looking for the attention of another woman. This other woman is focused on him.

Was there a time when your relationship flourished? Bring back the new memories in a scrapbook. Who can resist attention? Start writing love letters to him again. Give, without expecting something in return. What can you give?

Smiles are free and so is being nice to your man. Do not take him for granted – yes, he is yours to have and to hold, but instead of this you yell and whine to him. Attitude is very important – men do need to be admired and adored. Be grateful for every little gesture he does for you. Make little love surprises for him. Be kind and easy-going, laugh a lot.  Think how you can create a second honeymoon  – a romantic getaway for both of you, so that you may make that emotional connection again. Try to not have requirements he cannot fulfill and strive for his happiness and pleasure. Falling in love over and over the same person is a high art. You have to clear out all the arguments, open your hearts and trust in each other again.

Try to be spicy in the bedroom! Decadent lingerie, a scarf, and some food can help you revive your love life. The bedroom needs to be a welcoming, cozy place. You have to strive to be in a fresh mood before lovemaking and even fresher after…Try things you haven’t try before and stick to your favorites techniques. Lovemaking is an art, who can resist it?


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