Should I Text Him?



But what if he rejects me? Probably it is a bad idea?

Then keep it to yourself!


Sighs, kisses, and smiles – you are in love with the man.

Do you think it is improper?

It’s the most scandalous thing in the world – being in love!

Yes, verily, I have heard the question “should I text him” in my entire adult life. It has been asked by women of all ages and backgrounds, and all kinds of demographic features. This idea of texting him – good or bad – is lurking in your mind giving you no peace. You wish you can sleep.

It is because humans generally are social creatures, and they love to express their attachment. But we humans are not gifted like peacocks with a glamorous tail to wave in front of the person we are infatuated with. So what do we have? Cell-phones!

Well, text him, if that is the most creative thing you can think of. Flirting keeps you warm night and day. But there are much, much better ways to flirt – even leaving love-notes around for him is a better option. Or taking him to Karaoke and singing a song “dedicated to the one I love.” Whatever you do with his happiness on your mind is better than texting him: presents, gourmet food, chocolate, and champagne.

There are thousands of other ways to bring down his last defense than texting him. Just like online businesses have “Call to action” policy, you should also make certain that he gives you feedback, and a text message cannot guarantee it will not fall in the spam folder immediately.

But let’s decide to text him. What could it be?

“I  have two tickets for this and that gallery, would you like to accompany me.”

But the next sentence is way better…

“I’ve got two tickets for the game of your favorite team: Liverpool against Arsenal, will you come!”

And if you are even more despaired:

“I just made éclairs, would you like to come over?”

Let’s say you have dated already. Need to take the relationship to the next level. When do you start talking dirty?


Sighs, kisses, and smiles – you can’t press the man in the corner after the first few dates. Try to talk about the weather and entice him with a nice cup of hot tea, that you can share. Basically, messaging has one clear aim: hanging out and its organization. So don’t make that too cheesy, or too demanding. On no occasion photograph your neckline and send him a picture of that. Demonstrate being in love, be playful, but don’t be too sexual at the beginning of your relationship. Make him chase you. It is the nature of men to follow you around. In fact, even if he is every second thought in your mind,  it would best to make him ask half of his time:

Should I text her?



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