Public Displays Of Affection

Today we shall talk about public displays of affection. Should affection always be demonstrated behind heavy draperies? Or should we unleash our instincts and claim the woman who belongs to us in front of everyone?

Public displays of affection are a total turn on for everyone. However, your attitude to doing this in public depends on how comfortable you are to feel sexually excited among other people. Do you judge yourself for getting excited? Do you permit your sensuality to freely express itself?

Of course, you could be one of those reticent and very polite people, who do not wish to cause any kind of awkwardness to the crowd around them. They are incredibly sensual, but they have this aristocratic vibe to their behavior and manners. They believe that love is too precious to be demonstrated in public. They are reasonable and they bridle their emotions. To them, privacy is a form of sacredness. They want to keep their relationship pure and devoted. We understand them, totally! To them, public display of affection is a primal and low behavior. They do not want to trot about with an excited woman around them.

But what if the woman craves for your touch? What if she is already excited by the way you look at her?

Will you break your rules?

Will you dare to show the world how rewarded you are?

Will you not hug your lady and press her really close? The man is at all times responsible for the sensual nourishment of his lady. Better neglect the crowd! Hardly there is a more beautiful thing than a couple in love.

My blessing: In the park, at the cinema, in front of the Eiffel tower, in cafes, restaurants, and at events, under the mistletoe, kiss and be kissed! As the song goes: “Kiss, while your lips are still red!” Kiss often, with passion and kiss someone who feels for you. Make out in the rain, place your hand into her neckline, while she is walking next to you and if no one is looking you can indulge in even more intimate stuff. Fly in her arms, step on cotton clouds. Get her really hot for tonight. Making out in public boosts your mood and happiness will hit the ceiling.

Among my best sexual experiences have been evenings of making out in cafes – with respectable and polite gentlemen. The restrictions of the terrain turn the action into a form of art. Since he can’t really grab the body parts he desires, he teases your more decent spots – like the cheek or the shoulder. Add to that pleasure coffee with cream and a cigar. Both of you will feel divine weeks after that. You will never forget how he planted hundreds of kisses on your face…with fondness and in front of everyone.

So – kisses and thrills – you can’t get too much of them. We drink coffee in public, so why not make out? People in love are beautiful!


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