Flirt At the Office – Yes or No?

Well, should married, or enamored people never work together? Should you ignore your feelings at work, or simply be free to express yourself? Let’s flirt! Flirt boosts creativity.

I am one hundred percent for flirt at the office – and for that matter anywhere else. Flirt feels good to the soul. It revives the atmosphere. It keeps you blushing, fresh, and pleasantly excited. What can be a better work mode? Flirt is a kick better than your steaming morning coffee. Suddenly, there’s a rainbow in the heart and all is good. Exceptionally smart people work in offices and they are exceptionally flirty and sexy. So why deny them the right to be really, really coquettish? What? Is it indecent? Bullshit!

What is indecent is taking flirt to the next level. I am firmly against making out in the office – it is too distracting. Flirt in the office should be reduced only to creative, verbal foreplay. In front of customers – whisper! Bestow your attention on your colleague from the opposite sex: make coffee for them and stir it with a silver spoon, share some chocolate, be kind and caring, and generous. Smile and hold the door for her. Provide a napkin to him, when he sneezes. Flirt falls into the category of general politeness. What to avoid? Getting physical in any other place than the closet…

It is well known that groups of people function better when there is sex balance in them: an equal proportion of men and women. It is because healthy individuals of both sexes need sensual attention at all times – even when they are not committed, especially then. Most people are so touchy-feely that some flirty remarks really make them feel great about themselves, and thus they become more productive. So, compliment your colleagues – at all times – but do not talk dirty to them…even if you really mean it.

We should mention, there are improper advances – when the other party feels an unpleasant vibe from your approach. This could be disruptive to the atmosphere, so avoid it at your office space, or anywhere else for that matter. You don’t want to force anybody…If the colleague of your affection is the stud of the company, avoid flirting with him – that will actually make him pay more attention to you.

So hugging is good tone, but kissing is not…Most people are against flirt at the office, because customers can come in at any time and catch you in a delicate situation. That would make the customer feel uneasy – as if they are interrupting something. But if you want your assistants to greet and help people with real smiles and sparkling eyes – you should allow flirting at the office. It’s the best way to condition all those romantic and friendly, and sexy people. For humans are inherently in love with flirting. They are driven by flirt. It does things to their heads. It is a joyful and harmonious experience and you have to face the fact: it is often much more important than work. What if you allow flirt at your premises?

Well, your workers suddenly begin dressing to impress and complimenting each other. They want to perform better at their jobs, so that they may leave good impressions. They ask each other for help, they slowly pass by each other’s desk, their personality suddenly shines, they leave notes on each other’s desk – mostly related to work. Hey! Good things start happening to your business!


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