On Being Needy


A woman in a relationship often exhibits certain neediness. It all comes from feeling a little insufficient and inadequate to herself. You are not advised to approach your Beloved with fear. First, it must be crystal clear to you what an irresistible being you are. In order to fully give in to a relationship, without being too demanding, or too irritating to the other party – you must have a healthy self-attitude.

That means you are not “his other half” you are a complete and unique individual – whole and efficient by itself. In order to be liked – you should like yourself. You have to love in such a way that the person you love feels free. Learn to be happy by yourself.

It is quite normal to crave for love, affection, consistency, and sex. But in order to receive them, basically, you have to act on the giving end. If you want more love and attention – simply bestow them – to anyone and see the magical wonder: they reciprocate. So, love a little louder today. Don’t be cheesy, be a cake – a huge and very presentable wedding cake with chocolate figurines on the top. Be a kind princess to everyone you meet – the aunt and the uncle on the grocery market, the ticket-collector in the bus, the concierge in the hotel – create politeness and comfort around you and see what happens!

Courtesy is essential in a relationship. Rudeness hurts people more when they pass through heavy situations. If you stay kind to your beloved, no matter the trouble – both of you will get through it. Kindness is free  – so sprinkle it everywhere.

Instead of acting needy, a woman can balance herself when she repeats and demonstrates the entire time that she loves you. It is how she stays in harmony with herself. A woman in love feels constant desire to nurture you and make you happy and she expresses this on many levels – you are going to hear that she loves you until your ears blister. Yes, she wants to make you delirious, unlike a needy girl, who wants you to make her delirious.

The alternative to being needy is being inspirational. Always in a good mood – for that is how you can help people, including your loved ones. They say that needing nothing or being happy without logic attracts people more than anything else.

Immature love says: “I love you because I need you.” Mature love says: “I need you because I love you.”

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