Cinderella Told By Lady F


It’s the fairest story ever told. It inspired even the genial Walt Disney. The incredibly romantic tale of Cinderella has influenced a lot of artists and filmmakers. Old as time and young forever, Cinderella has inspired me to try some storytelling on my audience.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who dreamt that one day she would become a princess. She imagined she will live in a huge, royal mansion with 365 rooms, one for each day of the year. Behind every door was an adventure, and she had to spend the nights in a shell-shaped bed, under a lid inlaid with gemstones shining like the stars. She was a genial little kid, but she grew up to be a mediocre teenager, thinking about a certain guy the entire time, even taking notes of her thoughts in diaries. She spent more time watching MTV and reading High Club than studying Maths or Geography, but don’t call her shallow…she was to become a woman smart like ten foxes.

Her father was a nobleman, who had separated with her mother and remarried to a wanton and glamorous woman. He was not the wisest emotionally and she took advantage of that. Soon the stepmother and her two daughters were shuttling around the house like cockroaches. Both sisters were ugly and wicked, because their parents were not very much in love, so that they may give life to an advanced soul. Their bodies were shaped like buckets, and they had rather virile features. So they immediately envied the pretty, young girl, they took away all her pretty clothes and all her jewelry…and they abused her to clean the house. There was hardly anything more hateful to the young girl than to be forced to do something. But they were bigger in size, and they were two. So after she did the job, besides MTV and High Club, she had nothing better to do than sit near the ashes and cinders of the fireplace, therefore they called her Cinderella.

Cinderella was in love with the most charming boy in school, and he was a high-born Prince, but he did not even know she existed. For all the girls with fancy clothes went after him like pit-bulls after a butterfly. He was always surrounded by 10 to 15 ladies, who were practically throwing themselves at him, while she was modestly hiding in the school corners, content only with the opportunity to gaze at him. But, as in all fairy tales, there came this huge event, which was about to change everything. The high-school prom…

While she was reading High-Club, a middle-aged woman with rimless eyeglasses popped from one of the pages into her small room. She was waving around a magic wand, and she presented herself as the Fairy Godmother. Like the golden fish, she asked Cinderella of her wish. Cinderella wanted to enchant the boy and the lady said: “Well, you have to doll up a little!” So she gave her a dress of silk, silver and blue sapphires to match her lovely eyes. And she gave her a heavy with diamonds tiara, and last but not least, Cinderella got two pretty shoes made of shining glass. But the spell was tricky, the dress only lasted until midnight. If she didn’t get home before twelve, she would have to get home naked.

She took a taxi to the prom. When she got off it, she looked so pretty, that her classmates turned around to look at her and no one of them did recognize her, after five years of studying together. Guys just poked each other and asked: “Do you know her?” There was nothing like her glass slippers. Her Beloved said “excuse me” to the flocking high-born girls in fancy dresses and pushed the pushier to the side, and he approached her with light in his eyes, and he kissed her hand through the white lacy glove. They strolled together to the terrace. They both were dazzling and young…and did things which are only appropriate for hearts dazzling and young, yes they kissed, and they hugged, and they lost track of time… When she heard the clock strike 12, she ran out of his hugs so fast, that even one of her glass slippers fell into the hands of the handsome prince. Lurking in the shadows she somehow got home, God, she was so in love…

The next day the Prince came to school with the glass slipper on a velvet cushion, and he made all the girls in school try it on. They were ready to cut parts of their feet in order to fit in. But the glass slipper matched one girl only. When she stepped forward to try it on, everyone was leering. To her triumph – the glass slipper fitted only to her. And the Prince married her, and they lived happily ever after in a mansion with 365 rooms, where they shared the only bedroom…

Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

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