Dr. Mariana and Lady F Discussing The Adult Theme

Dear Lady F, I have a very specific topic in mind. I want to discuss sexual intercourse and its types. Do you find it will be embarrassing for your audience if you speak openly, without any fear?

Dear Dr. Mariana, not long ago people could not talk about sex. The 60s and the 70s changed that for good. I like to think of my audience as intelligent and contemporary people who are genuinely open to discussing different subjects related to the emotional aspects of a human being. Sex, if done right, can cause the greatest emotional reward and connect two people in a profound way.

Let us start with Lady F’s Theory of Love. By definition: is love like the sea? Is it like the birds or the beer? What would you compare it to?

Love is like the first sip of coffee in the morning when you have been expecting it with ardent desire, intoxicated by the familiar scent. It feels as if you have been walking for an hour and you are used to the weather, cold or hot, and you feel toned, and the boulevards are shining, and you smile to people. It’s your favorite refrain playing in your mind over and over again. It’s the rhythm of life, inside you, driving you wild and after all, love makes us all a little better than ourselves.

What makes sex amazing?

In a handy guide to Amazing Sex, we find out that “Sex can be surreal, special, and sizzle—or it can be fumbling, phony and fizzle.” Truth is many people are frustrated and they want more from their sex lives. Some are preoccupied with sexual activities, but does it mean they do it right? No! If they did, they would be happy, shining, exhilarated, and all would be good.  Has anyone ever told you that sex is a wonderful and positive aspect of human life?

A perfectly healthy individual’s drive may require sex on a daily basis, like in a honeymoon. People have sex for various reasons, and the best possible reason is that they are in blissfully in love.

Lady F, you sometimes speak of talking dirty. Is “fucking” and “making love” the same to you?

The word “fuck” probably comes from Indo-European and it means “strike.” It is actually one of the most popular words in the search engines. Sex has always been a bit of an awkward issue to bring up. Therefore, the English language contains more than 400 euphemisms for sexual intercourse, like “the service of Venus.” “Fuck me” is a profanity, unless it is tenderly whispered in the ear of your beloved during foreplay or even during the act itself. “Fuck me” can remind both of you verbally what you are doing… in total bliss. But how does it compare with lovemaking? Lovemaking is more subtle and sublime, fucking is more playful and rough, and they can be used to describe different stages of the same act: craving and satisfaction.

Is wild sex vulgar to you?

Let us differentiate between wild and vulgar. In the throes of passion, while you are making certain movements out of sheer indispensability when your limbs seem to have departed from their joints, when the rhythm makes you one with your lover, you are wildly savoring pure and intense pleasure. There is nothing wrong with this. Vulgar sex, on the other hand, is the intercourse of two people whose values are in conflict, who are in conflict with themselves. One of them thinks she is dirty and degraded, the other one thinks he is an archetypal stallion.  Bad communication, in general.  And the biggest block to sexual pleasure: low self-confidence!

If you had to name and classify different types of sex, how would you do it?

There exist a vast number of sexual phenomena, one could easily get confused or write an encyclopedia. I am going to try to classify sexuality in terms of emotions I have encountered in my love life.

There is “in-love sex”, which is basically the best option there is, it connects people on many levels. I believe when you are in love, you both give your grace to each other, you give your soul’s light to each other, you illuminate each other and this makes you shine. “In-love sex” is a mighty transformational adventure, during which the man emits powerful and positive signals towards the woman, making her feel sublime. As a result of the sexual intercourse, both of them are happy and can remain happy and pleasantly aroused for up to two weeks.

Then there is “angry sex” or “make up” sex and some people claim that it feels wonderfully well. As your head gently tosses side to side upon the pillow, the bitterness gives way to pleasure and your lover compensates for being rude, by being tender…You can’t stay mad at him, while you receive his maddening kisses all over your face. As a result of the sexual act, you both are amicable about it and boast to all your friends.

Then there is sex “out of courtesy” or politeness. You are not incredibly attracted to the individual; however, you decide to not break his heart. You know that a sexual intercourse will satisfy the other party, and you will not receive anything from the act.  You shall not give in and you obviously take part in the act only on the physical level, without claiming any pleasure for yourself. You serve the person an orgasm. It makes you feel good about your performance. You are not going to have a baby, which will become a doctor, but hey, you made someone rather happy.

“Teasing” sex comes after a lot of rejection. Since you have been playing for a long time with each other – chances are he will break the walls with you, for not pleasing him for so long, yes, you would levitate around the room if you could. The best part is when the man lengthens the woman’s pleasure by making her crave about certain things he does. If you can make her beg you for hours to kiss her neck, or touch her breasts – you are an incredible teaser.

We should, of course, mention “awful” sex, as that’s what has happened to many of us. Awful sex can happen when one of the parties is satisfying their body, while the other party is not very interested in their partner’s satisfaction. In such case, he whispers to you: “tell me what to do to you, this body has to be satisfied…we should have done this a long time ago, right” and you …well, disagree. Your only consolation is that you can from then on call the poor guy: Mark, the Awful Sex.

“Creative sex” is when you invent techniques to pleasure your lover…like touching him in places he’s never been touched, such as the nails and the tips of the hair. For this type, you will need an imaginative and inspiring lover, creativity and…well – strawberries, cream, feathers, scarves, candles, mirrors, expensive lingerie, ice-cubes, chocolate, and champagne, last but not least – a fine and true romance.


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