The Story of How Grandma Got Married to Grandpa


It started in the times when life was hard and beautiful, and people, who had personal power and beauty thrived in society. Working was a virtue, laziness was debauchery, people had big families, they lived simple and beautiful lives close to animals and fields, the villages prospered, and so did love stories.

My Grandma is a Leo, and she is a hearty and supportive person because she has seen good and bad in life. The greatest good that she has seen came from Grandpa, who loved her dearly, and I dare say it was a love at first sight.

In her sixteenth year, Grandma, who has deep blue eyes and blonde hair was the most courted and attractive woman in the entire village. When she was fifteen she tried a simple divination, suggested by a wise woman. She slept with a certain herb under her head, and in the morning went to the waste in the yard – the once-upon-a-time variation of the toilet and she focused to listen. She heard the name of the man she was going to marry.

Since she knew only one man under this name  – and that was some jerk from the neighborhood – terrified she went to her mother and told her with tears in her eyes: “Please don’t give me to this man, I do not want him, I will not marry him, never!”

A year later, she was already 17, and a boyfriend was visiting her in her yard. My Grandpa, who was a young and handsome carpenter came to fix the handle of her door. He was extremely well-groomed and she likes to say – his trousers were ironed in such a way, that if a fly perched upon them, it would slither. When her mother started pouring water for him to wash his hands – he said: “There is a maiden in this house; I’d rather she helped me wash my hands.”

Blushing, Grandma took the watering pot and started pouring water on the young man’s hands. He asked her: “I see you have got a boyfriend visiting you! Are you serious about him?”

“No!” Grandma said. “He just hangs around here for no good reason.”

That was the first time they met.

Same Sunday, he saw her on the weekly market.

“Hey, lass, would you like me to treat you some boza (a sweet non-alcoholic beverage popular in this region.)

“No, thanks! I don’t feel like drinking boza!”

That was the second time.

The third time Grandpa directly asked Grandma if she would, well, like to marry him.

“Why not…” – she went.

But then she reconsidered.

When the matchmakers came to her house to “take the bride” she was leaving, they crossed her way on the door.

Thus my Grandma would have eloped her own wedding. But she got caught, and she married Grandpa out of courtesy.

That was the best decision she ever made.



Author: LadyF

I know that I can speak about writing until I annoy even the most patient person. It obviously is more than a passion to me. Dean Kansky said: "You know, the Greeks didn't write obituaries. They only asked one thing after a man died: "Did he have passion?"

3 thoughts on “The Story of How Grandma Got Married to Grandpa

  1. And here is my story 😉

    It all started almost 65 years ago, in the school where they were preparing to become teachers. She was younger, smart and beautiful and he was a man of honour and behaviour with that innocent sparkle in his eyes showing future prosperity. They were nicely talking to each other and feelings of closeness and blissfulness came to being. In 3 years my mom also came to be.
    Life was full of demands and challenges. They were highly organized and multi-talented. She was teaching Bulgarian language and Literature, as well as Music. He was a historian and also gave lessons in Bulgarian literature and culture. The school choir had its vocal soloists – my grandma and grandpa….. and their students of course. Self-educated on an accordion was she and he – on a fiddle. Frequently they invited guests to dinner and played, sang and danced together until late after midnight.
    They had three grandchildren – me, my sister and my cousin and three grand-grandchildren. So proud of them are we all and will always have their spirits in our souls.

    “My great grandson Daniel is our boy who took everything best from us,
    And well, he has his great aim – to be always successful and with a fame.
    He indulges in playing with fast-speed trains, which bring him far away, like the town of Vratsa,
    Where he can meet with his cousin Ivon as she is so marvellous all in all”

    was my grandma’s poem dedicated to my son – Daniel.

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